*RUDEST buyer in the WORLD!!* ---> kimgsus

  1. So here's the story, tell me if I should have done it a different way.

    This is my auction: xxxno one is allowed to post their auctions/IDs here.

    This girl wins my auction. Tells me that this is costing her a months pay (her financials have nothing to do with me, right?). So then in my auction I say that paypal is accepted if you e-mail me first with an approval. Reason because I don’t have my own paypal account so I’d have to ask a friend to accept my payment.

    After two days of her being rude, demanding and downright ugly about it. I find someone to take a payment.

    So after she pays, not one day later she is bugging me about the tracking number. E-mailing three times in an hour to ask me for more information. I’m in the US… she’s in the UK.

    I ship her bag, send her the tracking. I put exactly what the bag is on the form, insure it for the value that she won the bag on eBay for.

    So her postal company went on strike, and then back a couple of days ago. Then yesterday she sends me an e-mail telling me that she got a note saying that she needs to pay additional from her government (custom fees). She then BLAMES ME for her having to pay. And basically says it’s my fault and I knew it would happen. This is the e-mail that she sent to me:

    “You could have told me i would have to pay this as you seem to be aware it would happen.
    I want to cancel the transaction and want my money back. You get the bag send back to you then.

    This is unfair. I am paying more for the bag then it is in the shop! On top of that,If i have to pay this 100 pounds
    i cant pay my rent this month. “

    So my reply to her is that I have no control over what her government is going to do about her IMPORTING something. She should have been fully aware of her purchase.

    What would you do or say to her to make her understand? I am just so tired of her drama! Sorry for typos or missing words, I am just so angry right now.
  2. Interesting cuz if you look at her FB, she's bought from sellers in the Netherlands, China and the US before. The auctions were old (2006) so the items no longer appear but she should thus know about customs fees on packages coming into the UK from other countries.

    I think she's trying to threaten or scare you. Save all of her emails and hold your ground. She could refuse to pay the customs fees, in which case I believe the shipment will be returned to you (others please correct me if I'm wrong) and worst case scenario you'd have to refund her money.

    In your future auctions you might wish to state that all customs fees are the responsiblity of the buyer.

    Best of luck and keep us posted
  3. What cracks me up if she couldn't pay her bills why bid on something! That ticks me off. People bid on items then try to nickel & dime you down on shipping. Good luck, hope it all works out for you
  4. Yeah, she can refuse to pay the custom fees then the item'll be returned. Imo, although it's not your fault, you should just refund her the $$$ -shipping just to avoid the hassle. Id probably leave her a neg/neutral though
  5. Yeah I would think she’d know. She never mentioned anything about undermarking value (which I wouldn’t do anyways). But I don’t understand the attack to me. I really just told her that it is her consequence and she should know. I have no intention for refunding her after all the hassle she has put me though. Does that make sense? I don’t want it to seem like I’m a mean seller. I really have done my hardest to please her. But I just get such rude behavior back.

    I wish buyers would understand that it is not just one part. That they can buy something and have the right to be demanding things. It’s just like a relationship – it has to be a 50/50 thing. I know that sounds corny… lol
  6. It doesn't sound like you did anything wrong to me. You had to insure the bag for the full value, and then what if you would have marked down the customs form and then something happened to the item? You would have been out that money. I say you hold on to all of the correspondence and stand your ground. It sounds like she is having some buyers remorse and thinks that if she yells loud enough, you'll give in. Sorry you are having to deal with all of this.
  7. I hate mean buyers.. Yesterday i got a phone call from a buyer who lives close to me, saying that if i dont refund her money within three days, she would bring the cops at my door!! She refused to get a paypal payment, and wanted a money order... She had a thick Spanish accent... People are crazy these days... I just kept mu cool and said no problem mam' lol..
  8. also as a seller - just listening these things gives me enough headach & anger. hope you wouldn't have to give her a refund (even if you do, don't give her a full refund - make sure that she understands, it would have to be less shipping and returning shipping fees (also restocking fee if possible) before you do that, otherwise, you wouldn't accept the returned item or and she will never have a proof of posting the item). my worry is that she paid with paypal and paypal doesn't seem to protect sellers when things go wrong. just in case, transfer all of your money from paypal.
    good luck and please keep us updated!
  9. I can’t believe she left me negative feedback after I did nothing wrong. I guess this is over with huh?
  10. ^^I would see if you can have eBay remove it.

    This is one of the many reasons I do not sell or ship internationally and always do BIN w/immediate payment required.
  11. OR...you can leave reply to her feedback on your site (and hers too ???)
    Explain and prospective buyers will see you did your best to please her....
  12. Just read her feedback...You need to give her a negative also and make sellers aware when they read her FB....let her have it...neg. her and let them know she is impossible to please.....
  13. Poor you, this buyer was rude and ignorant. You didn't do anything wrong at all. I really hate reading about all the hassle US sellers get from whiney UK buyers, because it just makes us all (I'm from the UK) sound mean and stupid. It's up to her to be informed about customs charges regarding buying from outside the EU. Yes UK customs fees are high, but most of the time it is still cheaper than buying in the UK and of course the selection is so much better. A couple of years ago I hardly ever got charged for customs fees but over the last year or so UK customs got wise to the fact that more and more people are buying from US and all mail packets from the US go through customs and get charged.

    Please, please don't let her put you off selling to non US buyers, we're not all that stupid.

    I hope once you get your bag back you leave her a big fat neg. because she really deserves it.

  14. Totally agree! I'm also in the UK and it is just a common sense that there will be custom charges for items bought outside the European Union. Her ignorance is NOT your fault and you certainly don't deserve a negative feedback.
  15. The UK is notorious for charging ridiculous customs fees and everyone one there knows it, so your buyer's excuse sounds totally half baked!
    If she doesn't pay the customs fees, the package will automatically be sent back to you after a certain amount of time (which could be months, unless she actually goes to the post office and officially refuses it). When it arrives you will need to refund her her money, minus the shipping and handling cost, of course. Has she filed for a refund with Paypal?