Feb 20, 2007
i bought a mono mini pochette accessories and i went back a couple of times to exchange it because i kept finding problems with the tag part (stains and stitching). the 3rd time i went back, the sa told me that it was final sale. is this normal? i know 3 times is excessive, but the imperfections were bothering me! :sad: also, i feel the SAs are so rude and unwilling to help you. im not sure if i want to shop at LV again, though i love everything. :sad:


Apr 8, 2008
Sunny SoCal, USA
Here's a thread I started yesterday. Hope this helps.

Warning: this is kinda long..

Anyway, for the past few days, I have been saddened seeing many of you buying defected LV's. I understand it is disappointing to discover your purchase has a defect after spending a ton of $$$ on them. Here's how I make my purchase at LV and, just to let you know in advance, I am a little OCD with LV's. First, I go into the store and ask to see a specific bag. Two things tend to happen; either the SA will take a display bag and show me or take one out of their mysterious drawers. I clearly state to the SA that I don't buy displays and ask for a "fresh out of the drawer" bag. Once he/she gives me one, I immediately check it one square inch at a time and I kid you not, I take anywhere from 10-15 minutes just checking every inch of the bag both exterior and interior including the handles and stitches (make sure nothing is loose). I also check and make sure that the Monogram or Damier pattern is perfectly AND I MEAN PERFECTLY aligned. I purposely tell the SA to feel free to help other customers; this gives me more time to check my bag. If the bag is perfect, I'll ask for a second one just to compare. It is not unusual for me to ask the SA to take out two, three or sometimes four bags for me to compare. I usually take the one that's recently made (check the date code) and with the lightest vachetta. I know it's tedious but I HAVE NEVER EVER returned any purchases because of a defect. I also buy LV's to give as gifts to mom, brother, and 2 best buddies and I certainly don't want to give them defective products. Hope this helps.


Feb 20, 2007
yeah, i really do try to check everything over, but i always feel like the SAs are judging me or something, like they think i'm an idiot for taking so long. i dont know.. i guess it is my fault for taking it back so often, but i wish lv would just hire nicer people. sheesh! also, i always tend to find imperfections when im at home, and i can do my thing. have any of you had your SA tell you it was final sale after the 2nd time exchanging??


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Dec 1, 2007
Sydney, Australia
I believe the Mini Pochette is a fairly small accessory so it should only take a while in the shop to give it a through look-over. Just take your time to look the item over before you bring it home to avoid un-neccessary hassle.


Jul 11, 2007
yeah. im sure they are nice people, but exchanging something like that three times does seem odd. SA's know there are people that buy stuff and exchange it over and over again to use new bags over and over, but since its usually for other items, your situation does not seem the exact same. Still, just check it out in the store, then if u get home and find something wrong call ur SA immediately and let him/her know youll bring it in. Did u find the perfect one yet?
Jun 28, 2007
Ontario, Canada
I love LVKeepallFan's suggestion about taking your time and asking for specific things. I mean really who cares what they think. It's your money your potential purchase and they get a sale in the end if they are not all rude or anything about it. I have only returned something once and it was a phone order mini lin cles. It was snagged and it was small and for me useless. Other then that I check over the things I buy VERY carefully as well if I buy in person.

And really 3 times for one item is a lot and your lucky they let you do that.


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Aug 27, 2007
It's not reasonable for them to be rude, but I do think that three exchanges is a fair limit, especially since this item is not one of their more expensive ones.


Mar 9, 2007
It's not reasonable for them to be rude, but I do think that three exchanges is a fair limit, especially since this item is not one of their more expensive ones.
:yes: Make sure to check your purchase before you leave the store to avoid unnecessary hassel... sometimes it is hard for them to do an exchange on the same purchase for 3 times,
since people always ask for a new model to take a look at.... they've been always putting on the counter .... some minor scratches are unavoidable.... especially those bags with beige color leather corners and trims.....

anyway, just my own opinion.... not trying to be offensive ...
Jan 31, 2007
Yea, i always check every item carefully to see it before they box/bag it; and so far no problems. I think when you are buying in store you should take advantage of this chance, obviously if you buy from or eLux it is more understandable for returns etc.