Rude to Sell Gifts You've Used?

  1. I've got a dilemma. I'm cleaning house room by room and there is so much crap (well good crap KWIM?). Anyhow....most of it goes to Goodwill, but there are collectible things that I know I could sell on eBay and thus fund the next bag purchase.
    Problem BIL is a big spender and is always buying my stuff I never use. I ALWAYS tell him to stop, but he continues and continues (the reasons why would take up 20 pages of posting so I won't go there). Anyways, I have a bunch of stuff he bought me that I may have used for awhile, or just never used.
    I mentioned that I was going to sell stuff on eBay this spring and he says "You're not going to sell that all that Disney stuff I bought you, are you?" "If you are I'll take it back, I spent good money on it"
    :cursing: This is wrong, I think. I mean it was a gift...I have a right to sell it, don't I?

    He'll never know I did it (I sold all the Dooneys he bought me secretly and he still asks if I have them and I just nod my head) because they're all packed in boxes....but he is on eBay all the time and knows my he'll see me sell it.

    What would you guys do?
  2. My goodness...I think he's rude to ask for them back. They were gifts and now belong to you so what you do with them is your business. How blunt can you be with him? I'm afraid I wouldn't be nearly as subtle about it if he asked...I'd just tell him that you've asked him not to buy you things and you're getting rid of stuff. Deal with it.

    LOL Like I said...not the most subtle. But I see no reason for you to feel guilty about it and I think you're doing the right thing. I need to declutter my life more! :smile:
  3. get a new ebay ID - i think that solves your problem - but sell the Disney pieces bit by bit - otherwise he may wonder.
    if he keeps buying you stuff for whatever reason why don't you just tell him that you love gifts but that you could use whatever else it is you want.

    wow, I wish I had a BIL who gets me stuff - BTW, I understand that he may not like you to sell the gifts he got for you - which is why you should tell him what you like
  4. This is a difficult decision. It does appear rude and ungrateful, but if your house is getting cluttered with the stuff, what can you do?

    I've also been trying to have a bit of a clearout and my BF looked a bit upset when he saw that I was throwing out some underwear he bought me a few years ago!!

    Really it depends on whether you thought the BIL was serious about taking it back and how hurt he would be if he found out.

    But really once you give someone a gift, it's theirs, you can't ask for it back.
  5. I know...I feel a little rude because some of the stuff I really liked when he got them for me...others I never even took out of the packaging...but on the other hand I'm not using the's literally packed in storage bins since it was bought in Disneyland 5 years ago.
    He's a real packrat, so this could be why he gets so upset about it.

    I could do the new ebay ID thing...but I have a really good selling record and if I get a new one then I'm not likely to get as good $ for the items (which sell pretty good on ebay...almost anything Disney does).

    I don't think he'd be THAt hurt about it....but I think he thinks that gifts are something to be treasured forever....whereas I'm the kind of person that if I don't use something and it has no sentimental value then out the door it goes.
  6. Lol. What an indian giver. But i am way to lazy to sell my stuff i just give it away to charity take the tax writeoff. but my friends have garage sales all the time and what is the difference with that??
  7. i think you should be able to sell them if you no longer have use for it.

    i usually keep gifts for the sake of keeping them, but i have given some away to other family members or close friends. at least i know where those items end up. but honestly, if my house was all cluttered up from stuff that gets no use, i see no problem with selling or donating.
  8. Hire one of those eBay sellers who sell your stuff for you and take a commission.

    I did that. Worked out great. Seller had sold tons of stuff and had a great feedback record.
  9. It sounds kind of tacky to sell a gift someone gave you, even more so that you know it will upset him.
  10. If the Disney stuff means nothing to you, then by all means give it back to him. It is possible these were things he really wanted for himself (sounds like it), but loved you more so he bought it for you instead. I've done this for BFs in the past with books, music, etc, especially if I couldn't afford duplicates for myself...

    As for the purses, in that case, what's he going to do with them? It's fine to sell. Tell him, you are basically selling these bags in order to get other bags and you appreciate he has contributed to the bag fund!
  11. This guy/your relationship with him sounds kinda weird. If you don't want any more stuff from him, maybe it would be a good thing if he found out you were selling some of it off, and then he'd stop getting it for you? I don't know the relationship dynamic, though, so hard to say. I don't think you're under any obligation to keep it just because it was a gift, especially with it taking up so much space.
  12. a gift is a gift...IMO, once it's out of your hands, it's out of your control! I think if you don't use it, go ahead and sell it for $$ for something you WILL use. The generous thought behind the gift is surely not lost once it is sold, KWIM?? :tender:
  13. I got rid of half of the stuff I received last Christmas. I either passed it on to somebody who really liked it, and the rest of the stuff went to the Salvation Army. I kept all of the stuff from my hubby, as I picked it all out myself. :nuts:
  14. well if he got really bent out of shape and your not looking at making money but getting them out of the hosue. maybe you should return the 'disney items' and maybe he'll get the idea to stop buying so much crap for you.