Rude service at Dior today


Dec 12, 2006
So I did a little bit of shopping today and went into the Dior boutique. There were like 6 or 7 SAs working in probably one of the tiniest stores I've seen and not one of them acknowledged me when I walked in....I was the only customer in the store at that time too!! Does this happen at a lot of these boutiques? Seriously....6 or 7 of them and not one of them could be bothered to say "hello, is there anything I can help you with today?" And when I asked about the price of an item that was not marked the SA got kind of snobby with me, but I bought something anyways and requested a box and she looked at me like I was making some sort of out of this world impossible request. It was very strange. I went to Saks, NM, LV and they were all very nice to me. Sorry about the long post....I just wanted to vent.:s


Aug 16, 2006
Oh my! How rude of them! I always ask for prices of things I want that aren't marked with the price, because I'm not willing to just ring it up regardless of whatever it costs...if an SA gave me an attitude for that I'd so give it back to her.

There's only one boutique in Toronto which I visit and so far they seem okay, although I get an attitude that they are quite commission-hungry there.


Dec 27, 2005
im so sorry such thing happened to u ...

i really hate the service i receive as well in my local boutique, all of them are snotty,even the manager..thats why i PREFER purchasing from paris, uncomparable service + tax off :graucho:

Good luck next time .. btw what did u purchase?


my new dior flight
Dec 29, 2006
i hear you... lately i've also experienced SAs that are rude/lazy/incompetent. if a SA is rude then i won't purchase anything from them b/c their sales are commission based... their loss not mine.

if it bothers you then you should call and speak to management and explain that your shopping experience was less than statisfactory and felt that the staff was poorly managed.


Oct 18, 2006
i absolutely know what you mean about the rude SAs! it seems like lately there's been a surge of bad encounters with SAs in general. I guess it might be the holiday season, but regardless of that, i reckon a good SA should still provide quality service. if i had been in your shoes, i wouldn't have bought a single thing, i'd probably remember the item number or name, go to another branch and get it from there.

and the box request, they should have provided you with a box regardless!


Jan 5, 2006
I haven't encountered rude dior SAs, but the other day I was getting some Chanel make up, and there were two SAs behind the counter, and while I paid for my items they were busy talking **** about another customer! Neither one of them said one word to me, and then I was just handed my items without a bag on them! I asked "Uh, do you think I could get a bag to carry this in ?", and then the SA mumbled some excuse about only having a particular kind of bag, before giving me a perfectly normal bag :s (how about asking me if I need a bag, instead of gossiping about other customers??)

I am never going back there, the customer service was awful :yucky:


Oct 19, 2006
UGH... I work in retail and I get so mad when I don't get the kind of service that I deserve. I'd suggest you get the district manager's, or even regional manager's, email or number, or just call/write to customer service. Where I work, they take comments like that very seriously. I've known SAs that have gotten fired for making rude comments or have just not been doing their job.
Oct 24, 2006
I'm so sorry to hear about your bad experience! :sad:
Most of the SA's at the Honolulu Dior boutique where I shop, are so nice! Although I have my regular SA (she is the absolute nicest one ever!), the others will come by when I am in the store just to chat or to tell me that its nice to see me again. Part of the reason why I continually buy from this brand is because of the excellent service before, during, and after I purchase an item. Its been that way since the very first time I walked into Dior and primarily browsed the sale. I understand what you mean about rude service though. There is one SA there who will only acknowledge Japanese tourists as they tend to spend a lot of money at once. She was snooty to me one day when my regular SA wasn't there and I asked her for a price on something that wasn't marked. Since she gave me attitude, I made my purchase through another SA who was so warm and sincere. He even offered to ring my purchase up through my regular SA's number so that she would get credit for the sale (of course I told him that wasn't necessary). I also received horrible service at LV and Chanel and on a day that I went in specifically to buy a new bag. Gucci is hit and miss and Neiman's is usually okay since we're in there so often! LOL! :smile:
Do send a letter or an email to the district manager with as many details as possible. I agree that most luxury type establishments will take the matter very seriously. Again, so sorry to hear about this. :sad: Come shop at the Dior in Honolulu and you can visit my SA who would totally change your mind about Dior's customer service! :smile: Hope your next visit is much more pleasant! The bags are way too gorgeous to stay away from just because of a few rude people. After all, aren't they the ones working while we are out leisurely shopping? And how would they earn any money if we didn't spend ours? They should be grateful for any business. Without their clients, they wouldn't have a job...


Dec 29, 2006
Ive had nothing but bad experiences at the Dior Boutique in Boston. And everytime I've gone there I've bought something so I really don't understand it. Kinda makes you want to make your purchases online sometimes...