Rude sellers or bossy sounding listings

  1. So I came across this auction today and it just made me think of how often I come across listings that have such a rude overtone. It seems to me that sellers should want to be nice and appeal to their customers, but when someone starts yelling at me before I even bid I start to think about what I may have to deal with if I actually win... Besides, if she has "mouth's to feed" maybe she should stop buying designer bags! :rolleyes:

    Has anyone else come across rude listings, or am I just lucky?
  2. Oh no - this happens all the time. They do start to yell from their listings...gosh, I just saw one the other day...I've gotta see if I can pull one up.
    Yes, they're extremely defensive probably because of some bad experience, but they've taken it to assume everyone's a deadbeat.
  3. I've had bad experiences as a seller, too, but for the most part I'm apologetic about it when it comes up. Like... "I'm sorry a few bidders have ruined it for all of us, but bidders with feedback of 10 or below need to email me or your bid may be cancelled"
  4. I've made it easy on myself. I just have all my listings as BINs with Immediate Payment Required. That way I don't care of you're a bidder with 1 feedback or 1000...I get paid, there's no hassle and no one gets pissed! :yahoo:
  5. There is a way to get one's point across in an auction w/out coming across like they did. Some people just lack tact

    I would never bid on an auction w/ that tone it it.

    She could have easily said:

    Please only bid on my items if you are able to pay for them. I have had many issues in the past with non-paying bidders, so Im just trying to protect myself. Thanks.
  6. First, let me say that I TOTALLY understand how this seller feels. But yes, she could've expressed herself with more tact. She just sounds very frustrated and is trying to get her point across.
  7. ITA. Not very classy.
  8. Am I the only one who thinks these listings are funny? :p
    Maybe it's because I am also a seller, and I love to see them drive potential bidders away--to my listings, hopefully!
  9. I think they are kind of funny too. It just makes me laugh at how ridiculous they sound. I am a seller as well, and do understand their concerns, but I definitely agree they can do a better job addressing their concerns without coming across as a$$holes. You can totally tell that they have been burned before, but they shouldn't be taking that out on everyone. There are some ways they can protect themselves, as I have learned myself, but I never express it in my auctions! (not in that way at least!)
  10. LOL - they Do drive bidders away - if I had to choose between this and another to bid on - def. pick the other.

    ITA on what 86leo said:yes:
  11. I avoid sellers that sound like that too. Being a seller myself I too have had to deal with non paying bidders, and idiots that muck me around.. but as a buyer I'd rather know that the person I'm dealing with has a least a little self control and perspective when it comes to these things! That seller sounds highly strung and rigid - I'd be afraid to even ask if she'd post to me, let alone want to have to pay money to deal with her! :S
  12. Well, she probably could have been a bit nicer in her listing, true, but she is only hurting herself here.
  13. I guess she feel bored with many complaint, perhaps almost of her buyers expect brand new or what :confused1:
  14. anyway, if seller already being such that rude, I'll avoid all of her listings :yucky: her words make me think such she feel she is richer thah her buyers :push:
  15. her rudeness is just magnified by all the CAPS. about "if you are picky." gosh, i would HOPE people are picky about their bags!