Rude Seller - RJCONNECT or was making an offer wrong?

  1. I have a Friend who has allot more experience with eBay than myself, so I asked her to check out a bag for me by seller Rjconnect.
    The bags I'm interested in is 200.00 more that my "Chanel budget" so we emailed asking if they would consider a price of 200.00 less if we paid here asap.

    I guess I must have offended the seller - we received a rude email back telling us, "If we would sell it for that, WE WOULD HAVE LISTED IT FOR THAT"

    Do you think it was wrong of me to see if the seller would consider selling the bag for $200.00 less?

    Ugh! I'm just not good on eBay :sad:
  2. It can't hurt to try - and some of his prices are a little steep, although he does have some nice items. I have heard he can be a little grumpy at times. You probably caught him at a bad time.
  3. Thanks for your thoughts Michele...

    I think it may be best I stick to the Chanel Boutique.
  4. I think it depends on the mood you get them in. I wouldn't personally ask for a price reduction unless I see the item not selling. Then perhaps I may email them asking if they would be interested in lowering. Some people take offense easier than others. Was it wrong of you? I say it doesn't hurt to try, you don't know unless you ask.
  5. He got a lot of great items and prices are quite alright and lots below retail
  6. NOT AT ALL...I do it all the time....It does not hurt..You won't know unless you ask...

    I sell on ebay and I get emails asking for a lower price...and some buyers REALLY offer a LOW BALL price

    For example BRAND NEW LV damier speedy sells for 520.00 plus in the store..I had a buyer ask to pay 300.00 including shipping ...I just say NO THANK YOU ..I would RATHER KEEP IT...
  7. The bag was listed a couple times with no bidders at all.
    I kind of thought that it may cost them ebay fees and that they possible would consider a offer 200.00 less if I paid them asap, but I was wrong

  8. Forget about it ! Maybe he was in a bad mood :confused1:
  9. I get buyers emailing me and asking if I can end a listing early and I always politely decline. The potential buyer knows the item will sell for more than my listing price and she wants a deal. (I can tell from my 'watchers' that the item will sell for more, so I gamble and keep the listing going to see what it ends up at.) It's fair enough if someone emails and wants me to end it early. Maybe one day, I will accept.

    However... if a bag was listed a few times and there were no bidders... the bag may be overpriced or just not overly desirable. In that case, I'm surprised he didn't accept your offer. I think I would... after all, the item wasn't selling. It's been listed more than once. He could have bargained with you, but he didn't. He really sounds grumpy too. I don't think you should feel bad!
  10. Thanks Jayne1,

    I was thinking maybe theres a "buyer / seller etiquette" and appreciate the input I'm getting from you guys.
    thank you
  11. i think that's rather rude. i've had lots of silly offers in the past, and i always make sure i politely decline.
  12. It was worth a shot! But the seller could have been a little more courteous!!!
  13. Yes, I politely decline too. You never know if that same buyer might sleep on it and decide to pay your price afterall, kwim? You attract more bees with honey...
  14. Fully agree ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    Also, no matter how ridiculous or offensive an offer from a buyer may be, you never know if they put you on favorite's/because you were professional and nice****vs. nasty and curt.

  15. i believe %100 he was in a bad mood :sad:

    he is one of my fav. seller on eBay ... i contact him several times ago and he never ever be rude with me although i never bought any thing from him ... i just was asking & asking and one of my questions was if is it possible to sell me a chanel purse $ 300 less than the price he stated and i got from him a polite email explaining for me the reasons why he can't do it .. i realy was and still impressed by his attitude with me :shame: