Rude SA's turn you off?

  1. I recently had an experience with a SA that was really rude to me and the situation has soured me on ever purchasing from that store again. I want to not that I wasn't rude or disrespectful at all, but was made to feel like I was making ridiculous requests and was wasting the SA's time. I really wanted the bag, but on principle, I'll go without. Am I alone? Do you value customer service over the item itself?
  2. That's a tough one!!! Sometimes- alot of the time- a girl is lucky to find even one store that has the bbag she truly wants. I haven't yet had a bad exp. with a SA about a bbag thankfully. So I can't say for sure. When I have had any kind of a bad exp. I ask for a manager. I don't tend to feel it is the entire stores fault and I also feel that the manager should be made aware of the bad experience, especially if it is due to rudeness. Typically a manager is better able to handle the situation. In fairness to the Sa's out there, it is too bad they don't educate the Sa's better on Balenciaga. I imagine we know as much as we all do because of TPF. Maybe they could do a crash course of TPF 101 for new SA!!!!!!:tup:
    I am sorry you had a bad experience and I hope you find what you are looking for!!!!!
  3. I know exactly what you mean. I'm not sure what the attitude problem is but some definitely have it. :blah: I wasn't sure about a certain bag and the SA's attitude helped me decide against it. :amuse: However, if it was something I had to have I would just bite my lip and buy it!:shame:

  4. I totally agree with you. If I call a store and the SA starts off with an attitude and acts as if me asking for a particular color is putting them out, then I just politely say that I have to go and will call them back. It is sooo not worth dealing with the attitude, even if they might have what I want. It is sooooo annoying when I call, like today I called 6 NM stores, and get an SA that does not know what the FIRST is. I had one SA today tell me that they have the City 1, City 2 and City 3. I was like what the hell are you talking about:rolleyes:? I just said ok and hung up. I was not about to even deal with this person as they would never understand what color I want. If they don't know sizes then they wont know colors! Then an SA at one store got on her computer and started reading off this long list of colors. She was quoting 05 colors! I stopped her and was like "you have alllll those in stock?" She then said that she should:noggin:. I told her that those are colors from 05 and that I highly doubt that any are in stock. Is she :wacko: or what??? I got off the phone with a few weirdos today and just had to laugh! Do they really work in handbags? The best one happened about a month ago. I Called a store, asked for handbags, was transferred to handbags, SA picked up the phone, I asked the SA if they carry Balenciaga, the SA said yes, then I said that I was looking for a Balenciaga Makeup bag/clutch. The SA said, "let me transfer you to cosmetics" :roflmfao:. Good thing that I am laid back and have a little patience!
  5. moving to Shopping sub . . .

    and generally a rude SA causes me to play Meet The Manager. If the Manager is equally as rude, then I will NOT give that store my business.

    For me, this applies to purchasing anything: bbags, food, cars, etc
  6. :confused1:Yes, it happened to me as well.
    I `m shopping for bags at a store near me and ask
    sometimes for a list of bags they carry.

    Everytime it seems I`m bothering them, though I`m super
    nice and always ask them how they are etc....
    I get kind of a rude answer, we will call you when we get
    new bags......which they never do.

    So I`m not shopping there anymore or call them.
    Customer service is not for everybody, they should
    just leave their personal problems at home...:nogood:
  7. I've never had to deal with a rude SA while ordering a bbag but usually I can understand where SA's are coming from because sometimes they may have had the same question I'm asking...asked a million times that day and sometimes they could just be rushed and not in a state to answers questions especially if the store itself is busy...I just try to be really nice when I start the i'll ask right when the conversations starts that I have a few questions I'd like to you maybe have the time to answer or should I call back later ? I don't know...I may just be TOO nice. :p But I always ask that and everybody usually is really nice and pleasant to talk to.
  8. I completely agree! I think that it is important to get Great customer service and if not , speak to someone else. I have the mellowest personality, but one time at SportsChalet, the girl got so mad when I asked for a different shoe size , and I looked at her and said"Get me someone who knows this department and who has a better attitude-NOW"
    My son looked at me shocked, knowing I'm usually so nice, but I felt so much better. I think since I deal with so many different types of people, I realize how important customer service is.:tup:
  9. I think of of the reasons you get so much attitude from SA is because the SA that sell B-bags often (for whatever reason) have very limited knowledge of B-bags. I think they probably get annoyed that they can't answer your questions. It isn't right but it happens.

    I have never been into any other designer bags so I don't know if this happens with other brands or not. I am really fascinated by the overall marketing strategy of B-bags. Limited information, uninformed SA, few stores that sell them and no real definative dates on when bags of a certain color/style will come in. I would give anything to be a fly on the wall at the Balenciaga marketing meetings. :smile:

    I hope you find what you are looking for.
  10. Bad customer service is NEVER ok, and I will hang up/walk out if there's no one else available to help me. I also have no issues asking for management. Bad customer service IMHO can be: 1.rude 'tude 2.ineptitude 3.ignoring me. I have the most patience with #2 as it's management's fault that their people don't know the product.
  11. As a sales rep in another field, I really pay attention to how I am treated in a retail establishment.

    It is the sales manager's responsibility to make certain his SA's are trained in EVERY line they handle, even if he has to do it himself.

    And vendors have the responsibility to make this training available to the managers via printed materials, video training (which would be the easiest route for bags) or personal visits.

    Happy customers are the end result.