rude sales associates...

  1. Has anyone else ever had a rude sales associate at Gucci?

    ...I just got back from the mall and decided to see if my chain hobo came in. It was being transferred from another store, and guess what - I see it on the shelf.

    So I asked the lady about it and she was extremely rude to me and was looking down at me as if I couldn't afford it!!! I then told her that I had been waiting for mine to come in!! She then says "oh well, do whatever you like then" then looks away and continues to stand there!! grrr!

    Here I am, trying to try it on my shoulder but the security rope is pulling it away...umm HELLO!? She didn't even offer to let me see the bag properly after I said I had been waiting for it to come in!!!

    Another customer came, and she was polite and helpful to them. She was showing the metallic indy and said "only older women look good in this because hey, they are the only one's who can afford it!"
    EXCUSE ME?? I think she said that on purpose because I was still there. I am in my LATE 20's, but I look 10 years younger, so that's probably why she was treating me like dirt! ......

    Has anyone else been discriminated in any way at Gucci???
  2. OH YA - and at the SAME dept. store, the stupid LV guy was the same way! Sticking his stupid nose up in the air!!! GRRR. Who do they think they are? THEY are the ones working in RETAIL! Geez, it's RETAIL!
  3. where is it at? maybe i have the same experience
  4. I am so sorry. Is there any other stores that you can shop for Gucci and LV. I would not give that SA my money.
  5. I have been very lucky and have never had a rude SA. They've actually been REALLY NICE both at LV and Gucci. (But then I'm 40...and look it!) :sad:
    I'm sorry this happened to you...but don't put up with it. Take your hard earned money elsewhere.
  6. I am also one of the lucky one that has never had a bad time. But i usely shop at Holt Renfrew.
  7. Please shop somewhere else! They don deserve your $.
  8. Think about sneering back - they are only "shopgirls" after all. Smart ones would be at our beck and call at all times. I would call the store manager and register a complaint and say you wouldn't be purchasing from them any longer (if you could help it - LOL!). If that sounds mean realize that I have also called store managers to praise a great employee.
  9. that's terrible! hate those snobby SA's! Here in my city I don't have problems in the gucci-store, they are all very kind and helpfull. but in the other shop (it's a shops-in-shop) the SA's are :yucky:... I came in and she almost shoot bullets through her eyes, and putting an ugly face up. the next SA I saw: the same, I wanted to nod but she put such an ugly face up and she was looking me outside ... it's not over yet: the next one finally asked if I was looking for something in particular. I said yes, I was looking for shoes but I didn't want shoes with thin heels. because I had shoes with thin heels and the heel was easily scraped... and she said: ow well, then you don't take care of your shoes ... I was like :cursing::boxing::censor:
    I'm never buying there again!!!

    (ps: I'm in my mid 20's)
  10. You see if it were me I would shop there. On purpose. I don't have the luxury of choosing where I can shop. What I do is that I don't care how many times I go in even if I am just looking. I eventually went in one day I spent 2 grand. Then I went in a day later and spent another grand. 3 days later I spent another 500. I know it's not much and there are heaps of people who spend more than me (and that was a short burst for me, I don't do it often) so I have no reason to be proud.

    After that, they were much nicer. I think it also helped that I made sure i looked my best when I went in to browse. I carried my chanel once, then I was decked out in Fendi the next time etc. I just made sure I never carried the same bag twice. You may think I'm shallow but I hate it when people look down on me. I quit my casual job in retail about 3 months ago to concentrate on uni and when I was working I NEVER ignored someone cos they weren't dressed well.

    Though I must say not all SA's are bad. The first time I went into Gucci I was wearing a hooded jumper and trackpants. I happened to be passing through, I had not designer bag on me. I basically looked like someone with no money. The Gucci SA was very nice and I ended up buying my Abbey shoulder bag from her.
  11. Everytime I go into my Gucci store or call my Gucci store they are VERY rude. I refuse to buy from them now! I go to NM or shop on instead.
  12. where is it at? did you go to the Gucci boutique on Bloor? I bought my bags there and never had a rude SA although they dont look too friendly. Sorry about your experienced with the rude SA, I'd report them to the manager is I were you.
  13. aww i`m sorry that happened to you .. i went to gucci the other day with my sister .. she just got out of dance practice so she had basketball shorts on .. needless to say .. no one greeted us or anything =(
  14. I can't believe it!...I would bring my complaint to the store manager and make it a huge scandal...
  15. thats disgusting...i thought i had it bad! i know im a dork but i felt so sad when i went back to my regular gucci store in scottsdale and the SA's and security was shifted so when i entered after 10 weeks, NO ONE KNEW MY NAME!! i was like what the heck happened to my cheers atmosphere :sad:

    whatever at least they were still nice! :smile: i cant believe this happened to you im so sorry, BUT if i were u i would without a doubt go back and find someone decent there and shop ur butt off and when u get the bags go browse some more and walk past the rude sob!!