rude SA!!!

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  1. i saw a coach tote bag from ebay and according to the seller it's a limited edition. i was thinking maybe to go to the boutique in my plc to try my luck. i gave them a call and the femala SA replied me before i could finished my sentence and said,' sorry, we are very busy now, you go and find out the item number and then only call us back!' before i could say anything the line was cut off. i was like:wtf: but fine, maybe they are really busy and i thought i was a bit sensitive:s then i went to the boutique that night. i expect them to be in a better attitude. but... the first SA approached me and she doesn't even know what i was talking abt. she (very snobbish) even asked me,' which ebay you saw? is it the latest issue? :wtf: (she doesn't even what's an ebay! she thought it's a magazine!!!) we have so many new bags here and you don't expect me to know everything!' i wasn't too happy with her and then she asked another more experience female SA to talk to me. yet she gave me that kind of stupid face as if i talking alien language to her and said all kind of sarcastic words to me!!! i was so p*ssed off and i just walked out the boutique.
    i just wonder are they all the same in all coach boutique and why are they so not professional???:confused1: i never encounter this kind of sh*t in LV, Gucci and even Chanel!:Push: they are all so well-trained!
    i swear i will never go to that boutique anymore!!!:hysteric:
  2. Sorry about your experience. No, all Coach SAs aren't like that I go to 2 different boutiques & they are all very friendly & helpful. Maybe you should call Coach's 1800 # & they would probably help you more than the rude stuckup SAs & I would also make a complaint about them.
  3. i thought of making a complaint as well i was so sick and and tired of all this rude SA and i was wondering could it be the boutique manager is also one kind!
  4. Wow! I'm so sorry about that, in my store if we hear a SA talking to a customer rudely or something of the sort- we'll send them home. It is NOT tolerated in my store.
  5. I thought most boutiques don't like ebay talk. Over at the LV forum they always say to never say you got it off ebay. Say you got it from a gift.
  6. So sorry to hear about your bad experience. I've been lucky and have had great SA experiences with Coach. I don't think you'd be out of line to complain.
  7. That's too bad, but I don't think it's a "Coach" thing. I've seen it happen at LV and Gucci. I hope you find what you're looking for.
  8. What ebay auction are you trying to find in the store?
  9. I've been "Pretty Woman-ed" twice at my local Coach.

    I'm sorry - I felt like wearing jeans and a hoodie today...does that make me avoidable? Does that scream "I'M TOO POOR TO SPEND MONEY HERE - I'M JUST TOUCH ALL THE EXPENSIVE STUFF AND LEAVE". I swear...I walk in carrying a $375 Coach bag, wander around for nearly 20 minutes (in a small store mind you), with NO OTHER CUSTOMERS in there...and you can't even say "good morning" to me?

    (too be fair - I was just pre-christmas shopping/browsing
    ...but still!)

    I'm sorry - but some SAs have it...and some don't. I applaud those that at least greet their matter how they are dressed.
  10. I dont shop in the store much i go to macys because there are like 5 sa in there and the wont let me look they get rightttttttt in my face and wont leave me alone it stinks. I think that sometimes people just dont have good people skills but some of the girls in there are real sweet and helpful and just let me look. I would perhaps print a pic of the bag and take it in see if they can help you that way.
  11. deweydrop, i know where you're coming from b/c the same thing happened to me. i'm within driving distance of two boutiques, one in the mall and one in an upscale shopping plaza. three times at the mall boutique i was just plain ignored. so i stopped going there. i figured the shop in the "nicer" area would be worse, but not at all! i was treated really well there. i hope you have other options too.
  12. if that happened to me, I would have asked for the manager and told him/her that because of the SAs rude behavior, I would not be returning to that store nor would I recommend it to any of my friends/family. I would also let him/her know that I would also be contacting their corporate office to let them know how I was treated. The nerve. The SAs at my Coach store are very nice and helpful - they are my enablers!
  13. Where do you live? There are two SA's at the boca raton Coach boutique who are amazing. Ill give you their names if you are local.

  14. :cutesy: always love helping people buy more stuff from coach :yes:

    deweydrop - i'm sorry that happened to you, now that i think about it, we can write up an associate if he/she is late, or absent from their shift but there is nothing regarding their attitude

    because really we just assume that the manager hiring them would be better at selecting their associates so that that never happens.

    what you described is basically associates without common sense and manners, something that unfortunately isn't uncommon but we're working on it! i know in my store no one is like that but we have heard from other people that come to our store from other coach stores in the city complaining or we get compliants for other cities' coach stores too and my manager definitely does something about it.

    like others have said, call and talk to a manager, if he/she is also unreasonable then call coach's 1-800 number and file a formal complaint.
  15. I Think That Filing A Complain Is The Only Way To 'do Right' When Any Employee Acts Like That. Being Rude Back To Them Is Inappropriate, Reporting Them To A Manager Doesn't Always Work B/c The Managers Can Be Snotty Too, And Corporate Takes Care Of Those Complaints In A Manner They See Fit, That Seems Fair.