Rude Sa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. I went to return one of my handbags the other day at Neimans in Short Hills LV. I was never treated so rudely. The handbag was shipped to me with a stain on the bottom of the bag. I never used the bag. I went to return it and was told they would not take it back. Needless to say I had an argument with the SA. I got nowhere. I have spent literally thousands in that store and most of it on LV. Of course they gave me the manager's name and told me I can contact customer service. But what it really comes down to is his word against mine. I just wanted to vent and to tell everyone to be careful when ordering something to be shipped. I will never ever shop at that LV again. :wtf:
  2. that is so out of order of them !. What was the arguement like ??...I hate rude SA's :cursing:. With the amount you spend on a bag at LV...the customer service and aftercare should be A+.
  3. He told me he could not resell it in this way and I said that is the way I received it. We kept going back and forth. Of course he was the one that was on my receipt as selling it to me. I do not know how commissions go, but he probably got one from that sale. Really I was disguseted and walked out,
  4. And they allways think they are right. It shouldnt have been sent out in the first place like that. If I was you I would write a letter to head office all about your "pleasure" with this SA...he sounds like such a jerk. Im sure some other members have the address. Please post the address for the OP if you have it. Thanks :flowers:
  5. You need to demand to speak to a manager!!! That is unacceptable!!! How long ago did you purchase the bag?
  6. They don't recieve commission. :yes: I definately sympathize! Unfortunately, it may not be the SA's fault. It's very possible he didn't notice the spot/stain on the bag when he shipped it to you and upon seeing the spot they may not be allowed to accept return on the bag without manager approval? :yes:
  7. I am going to write to customer service. But I really cannot believe that they will do anything to resolve the situation. I think they are much nicer in the LV Boutique then they are in the Department Stores. Anyone else feel that way? Unless its just this particular LV. They have lost a very good customer.
  8. I just went through a similar situation! and I wrote LV customer service and they called the LV boutique and basically they lied and it was their word over mine..I'm still really bitter but I surely hope you have better luck!
  9. I only shop in the boutiques! They are sweeties there. If you have the receipt you should be able to return it at a boutique! I would definately speak with the manager. He or she should be able to do something for you! Sorry!
  10. ^^ I only shop at the boutiques too....I don't know why...I just feel like I am getting better service and it seems "safer".
  11. No more Short Hills Mall for me when it comes to LV! I posted a rant about the LV there in the shopping section. Try the Garden State Plaza Boutique or Riverside Square. Sorry you were treated like crap.

    I forgot to add, maybe call the store first and ask to speak to a manager and explain the situation?
  12. Oh dear! That is unbelievable! I am so sorry to hear about this. This is one reason, sometimes I am hesitant to buy from lv. I love LV, but I am not always confident that they will take care of me if a problem, any problem with the product ever occurs. It will be a hassle and stressful, but I think you should keep talking to people, write to lv, go to other LV stores and talk to managers maybe one will be nice enough to exchange the bag for you? There is no way you should end up with a bag like that.
  13. Wow, I am sorry this happened to you! I would write a letter to the district manager of that store. Explain what a good customer you are and how much you've spent in their store and tell them that their behavior was unacceptable!! Good luck!
  14. oh no! How big is the stain? Or what kind of stain is it? Do you have a pic? I'm asking because it may not be LV's fault, it might be the post office's if they let the bag sit outside in the rain or something which causes the dirty water to seep through. If so, I'd go complain to the post office. Otherwise, LV should allow you to get an exchange.
  15. Ugh, I can't stand rude SA's. So sorry you're having to go through all this trouble!