Rude SA or is it just me?

  1. I went to Saks today to inquire about the baby coca cabas, and I asked the Sa if she could look it up in the computer to see if any another Saks had it and she told me that all the other Saks have waiting lists too so it would be a waist of time, so I asked her if she had any other white Chanels that are not displayed and she told me "no" these are all the handbags we have. Was she rude or is it me? What do ladies think?
  2. Call NM in Short Hills NJ. 973 912 0080
    They will atleast try to help you locate a baby cabas
  3. I think she was because she still should have looked even if there are waiting lists
  4. if you want a white baby cabas call nyc chanel boutique and ask for Brendan, smoothoporter turned me on to him . They are getting more end of april.
  5. She was obviously just not interested in making a sale.

    She should have at least tried to help you- make a suggestion on other bags...

    So yes, I say she was rude.
  6. ^ITA, she should have tried to make another suggestion or showed you pics from their catalogue or done something. Customer service is EXTREMELY important to me, you're not going to get my business if you're rude or act like you can't be bothered. I have 2 SA's that are dolls that I use exclusively, because of their excellent service.
  7. she is rude ..its not ur problem!! she should at least help you or give ur suggestion!
  8. Wow, that's rude
  9. why didn;t she offer you a chance to get a white rock and chain????
  10. oops double post
  11. Definetly rude. She should have atleast offered to look on the computer for u, at another store, or shown u another style. She should not have brushed you off like she did.
  12. She was rude! I too have experienced rude SA and it totally makes me mad considering how much I spend on bags!!!:cursing:
  13. rude rude SA! i hate how they think they're better than us at boutiques... jeez they're in SALES??!! their job is to make a SALE! i'm convinced they sneer at and dismiss certain demographics, how you dress. it sounds bad and outrageous but it's true!
  14. I hate rude SA's...... we should put a list together so we don't have to ever deal with them!:graucho:
  15. She was rude and obviously did not want to make a sale