Rude SA at Saks


Dec 27, 2005
I called Saks LV in the store I purchase most of my products and asked the SA if she could tell me what size NF I purchased last year. I was not sure if it was MM or GM. The bag is big to me. I gave the bag to my sister. The SA said she could not give me the information and that I had to come in the store to get it. I explained to her I lived in another state-actually 11oo miles away. I was not asking for anything but the size so I could buy another bag in a different design. She had such a attitude over this. So she lost my business, not that she would even care.
Anyone else have such a hassle when they ask a question about their own account record? I will wait till I see my sister and measure the bag to get the correct size but the SA missed out on a few purchased from me since I wanted a wallet and my friend's husband wanted to buy her a keepall for a gift. Now I will just deal with LV direct on the website.
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Nov 22, 2006
Do you still have your receipt? It would show the name of the purse/ size. If your Neverfull was about the size of a paper shopping bag, then it was probably a GM.


Apr 21, 2009
Generally they don't talk about your history over the phone. They feel they are protecting you. My SA of 10 years just barely started talking about my history on the phone. I would have to ask specific questions, then he would either confirm or deny but no direct answers.

The Saks SA could have been polite to you though and explained their policy. Sorry they were not nicer.
Apr 13, 2009
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I am always amazed that SA's at Saks are the worst ones. Always either arrogant or just rude. I wonder how can it be at such an upscale store? Sorry, I am no help to answer your question, but just to confirm you are not the only one experienced the attitude.


Jan 22, 2008
how annoying! she should've at least made an attempt to answer your question.
its so frustrating when you come across one of the rude ones especially when there are so many other SA's that are helpful.


Dec 27, 2005
My regular Saks non LV employee was able to get me a answer in one minute today. She was out for a funeral for a few days so I could not call her until today. She was super nice and said there was no need to be treated the way I was.


Sep 13, 2009
I've had great experiences with Saks. Just bought a bag 2 days ago in NYC via phone and I live in Texas and the SA was awesome. I guess because of the holidays, both of my bank cards got frozen because he was trying to ring up my purchase in New york and I was in Texas using it. He wasn't frustrated at all, but kept calling and checking on things with me. Bag is in the mail and on it's way!
Saks has come through in the LV drought that we have had lately for me. Try the one in NYC-and I would have spoken to her manager! Sometimes I think they need a little reminder that they work there and you are purchasing...No need for them to act snotty! LOL