Rude Rude RUDE

  1. So I took my kids out to the mall this evening (after my visit with my total hottie PS) and they are trying to secretly buy me a birthday present. So I told them to make sure the cells were on and that I would go and look by myself at some shops. I was in the Thousand Oaks mall. A really nice mall (I thought). So I'm just wondering around and I was closest to Macy's and I spotted the shoe section right there by the door. Now I'm dressed nicely I have on very nice clothes and my hair is in a updo very nice and my chanels are atop my head and I am carrying my fringe speedy. So off I go looking at the shoes and these two women pass by and let me just say they were nothing much to look at and I hear this remark "Did you see that bag?" and the other one says "Heh, where are we? Nordstroms??" What does that mean??? Only people that carry high priced bags shop at Nordies?? WTF? I can't walk around without someone remarking -ativly when they see my bag... I really hate that you go to all the trouble to find it and spend your hard earned bucks on it and you get some tanned hide wrinkled idiots with no IQ's making stupid remarks. WhatEVER:wacko:
  2. haters!! they're just jealous and wished they worked harder so they could afford nice things! i have no sympathy for people that dump on others. you want something->work for it. chag your fabulous! and others are just in awe of your good taste! smile and wink at them next time ;)
  3. Oh, chag, you know they're just jealous! I'm sure you looked fantastic, too!!
  4. I couldn't let that go. I would have to turn around and say, "you know, I can hear you. are you always this rude to people you don't know?"
  5. :censor: :winkiss: Give them a big fat smile next time.
  6. F:censor: 'em. They're jealous and not worth yours or anyone's energy!
  7. lol my husband hates that I am so meek. I could never do anything like that.. I only think it in my head!
  8. That's how I am, too. I wish I could turn around and say something sometimes..
  9. i can hear jealousy in them, it happened to me one time. i was at a restaurant and was carrying my big LV musette. I walked past these ladies and i heard them saying "oh, the monograms don't look right!" loudly like i can't hear them. people are just so rude these days! don't think too much about it coz you are the one with a nice bag not them!:yes:
  10. I agree with the others. Sounds like major jealousy!
  11. You should've turned around and said, "I'm glad you noticed my bag. I really love it. Hopefully I can find some shoes to match it."

    Don't stoop to their level. They're not worth it.
  12. hmmm maybe i need one of those hissing bugs (without all the things stuck on it, i don't hurt animals) and i could just toss them one. that could get my feelings across! hissssssss!!
  13. I am so sorry that happened to you! It makes me so mad how people are just so inconsiderate!
  14. I'm so sorry, I hate people that say things like that. I was shopping and had my Chanel bag with me and this older lady comes up to me and asks "are you married?" I say not yet and she said "good luck finding a husband with your expensive taste" my jaw dropped. People are so RUDE!!!!
  15. OMG that is awful!!