rude, rude buyer!

  1. I know ebay is only an online venue byt it can get you so riled up sometimes.

    a fornight ago, a buyer bid on hree items: a handbag and two books. Of course, they wen't through checkout and asked for a combined total. now, the combined weight of the items came to just under 1kg which costs £2.70 in the UK. I add on my p&p fee of £1 and quote her £3.70.

    she doesn't say anything, she paid quickly and I posted her stuff quickly. she left me feedback a couple of days ago. I was waitng till the weekedn to leave my feedback for everyone. (this is normal for refular sellers)

    Last night I got this message out of the blue::cursing:

    I paid promptly and was suprised about the postage~~~~as i told you.
    I accepted it but find it totally childish that you have not left feedback~~~

    so I reply:

    Childish??? If you were a regular seller you'd realise that some sellers leave feedback in bulk. I do mine weekly and others even do theirs monthly. Considering ebay gives 90 days to leave feedback, they don't see it as a problem.

    I take great exception to being called childish. It's been barely three days: what makes think I won't leave feedback at all?

    When did you query the postage charge? (I have no record of it in paypal or ebay) the postage was 2.70 if you noticed the stamp. The extra pound covered the postage and packing. Again, this is within ebay's rules.

    In hindsight I could have been calmer but I was soo annoyed. Her feeback is over 700 so I'm suprised she's hounding me for feedack after three days. When i checked her feeback, she has only 23 from buyers, so she is more of a buyer than a sellrs anyway.

    The postage on the three separate items would have been GBP7.90 so she got a deal on GBP3.70. moreover, each item was wrapped in borwn papers, then out in a mailbag, with a computerised postage stamp and printed label,. All of this costs money!!!:cursing:

    grr, if i could smack her through the screen, I would!

  2. i know what u mean..just ignore her? :smile:
    I had a buyer who was quite mean (I mean potential buyer) she said, I think your watch is only worth like x amount of money whihc was a LOT lesser than my price and I said I dont want to sell it then. She said,well no one wants to buy your watch as it was the second time I relisted it. hehe, I felt quite offended and said sorry Im not going to sell my watch for such a small amount of money so why don't you go buy a fake.its much cheaper! :P heeh
    yeah i know that was quite mean of me..but she was soooo *****y kept emailng me..i reported her to ebay for stalking..haha
    hope u feel better soon!
  3. I wouldn't have replied back. If she would have bugged me about feedback some more, I would have left her the feedback she deserves, a negative.
  4. ^^^No. Even though she's being a *****, she DID meet her obligations as a buyer, so it wouldn't be right to hit her with a negative. However, since this buyer left feedback, MissThing could leave some nicely worded follow-up comment about her attitude.

    I'd just leave her NO feedback since she obviously is OCD about it. That'll get her! :devil:

    Honestly, I don't understand why so many buyers are nearly foaming at the mouth about feedback! Sure, when you are new you really need it to build your reputation, but once you get over 20-50, who CARES??
  5. Missthing - You left it 3 WHOLE days before leaving feedback...??:wtf:
    OMG, shocking!!!

    Just kidding....;)
    Whoa.....what if you were on holiday or something..?

    Sometimes i wait months to get feedback from buyers/sellers.

    It's no big deal really, although i have to admit, it is nice to know that something has arrived - and sometimes feedback is the best way of doing just that.:yes:

    Re your watch minami, totally understand! I had some bits up for sale a while ago that were at half the retail price...P+P was high, but at actual cost. I didn't even charge for packaging.
    I had a potential buyer message me to say that 'it wasn't much of a bargain, you can buy those at Asda for XXX amount'

    So i told them politely to go and buy some at their local Asda seeing as they didn't think they were getting a good deal....

    And the next day....someone else bought the lot - pah!!:lol:

    You can please some of the people some of the time....:rolleyes: :lol:
  6. chalk it up to a bad apple. block her from future transactions with you.
  7. Some people just feel like they are "entitled"' and act this way no matter what the situation! She is obviously one of these people!

    Since you knew you were in the right If it were me and it happened again, I'd be tempted to "fudge" a little...blame the "delayed" feedback on a sick child, husband lost job, etc. - some sob story to make her feel like a real horse's a**! That way you could make her see ow unreasonable she had been without actually appearing to have stooped to her level!
  8. I totally agree with you!. yeah, they should go to Asda..hehe, dont understand why some ppl want to do that...well, I just decided not to sell mine..hehe as I really didnt want my poor watch to go to someone like that person! hehe

    :flowers: for all the lovely ladies here!
  9. That's CRAZY! :wtf: I've had sellers that always take forever to leave FB - right up to almost 3 months. A couple never leave it.