Rude Neiman's SA bashing on Chloe Paddies!!

  1. So I called NM yesterday regarding an LV Olympe bag. I explained to the SA that I had just purchased a Chloe medium satchel Paddy in Brun just a couple of weeks ago from NM. She said, "Ugh why would you even buy a Chloe Paddington, I mean that was SOOOO like what, three seasons ago now. Chloe Paddingtons have been OUT of style and over with for so long now, why would you even buy one????" I politely told her that I love the smooshy thick leather, etc. and how I can take Paddy in the RAIN which I cannot do with LV's...blah blah blah. Anyways, she still kept going on about how why would I ever buy one...needless to say, I told her if I was going to buy an Olympe Nimbus, I was going to the LV boutique instead now :cursing: AND when I inquired regarding the Nimbus PM versus GM as far as the size goes, she said the PM was a "KIDS BAG" and anyone who knows LV would go with the GM. .....Um hello????? A kids bag???? It is almost $2000!!!

    Sorry, just hand to rant :rant::rant:
  2. Do they work on commission there? If so, she is shooting herself in the foot!
  3. An SA who makes it all about them (or their unsolicited opinions) shouldn't be an SA. I don't think this chick will last.
  4. This is the EXACT attitude I was referring to on the recent thread I started(Proud Chloe Owners?)!!! I think unfortunately some of our lovely ladies on this very purse forum have this attitude regarding Chloe in general....that it's so yesterday & they are just waay to hip for it now!!

    That's each his own...I just don't think they need to bash a brand they obviously once considered worthy of owning by trashing it & saying how it doesn't "stack up" to the new brand/brands they've moved on to :smile:

    I agree with susieserb...the chick will not last!!! Her attitude of chasing the newest "it item" may well prove to be her downfall...she is bound to turn off many a customer with that mentality!
  5. Rude. Report her to a supervisor. I think they would be grateful to know this employee's conduct is unprofessional.
  6. First of all, I am looking at the LV olympe bags too and can't decide between the PM and GM so I feel your pain. :confused1:

    But about paddies... I was out the other day looking at a spy bag, while carrying my patent paddy. The sales lady commented to me that it was "cute" to see someone still carrying a paddy since they've been "out" for so long. She said she hasn't worn hers in forever and said that she hopes they come back. Needless to say, I put the spy down and moved on. I can't buy a bag from someone who stops wearing a gorgeous bag like a paddy because she thinks they're "out.":p
  7. Ah, there's nothing like a pretentious, opinionated salesclerk!:rolleyes:

    I got the same treatment at the Saks Off Fifth store last winter when I asked if they carried Paddingtons. She all but sighed in exasperation when she said they hadn't had them in such a long time because they were "out". And this from someone working at an outlet where all their merchandise is from earlier seasons!
  8. What a cow. Next time you're there, speak to her supervisor and tell them that NM lost several sales due to her rudeness.
  9. Isn't it amazing that some people just assume you want to hear their BS opinions!
    Her job is to supply you with the answers to the questions you ASKED.
    Sorry you encountered this SA, if she ever stops giving unsolicited opinions, she MIGHT realize why she loses sales.
  10. They (the SA's) sigh heavily (me thinks) because customers must be requesting Paddies and THEY DON'T HAVE ANY. So these numskull SA's minimize the effect by poo-pooing the Paddy's as passe and then try to hawk their inventories since that's what they make $$$$$$$$ on.

    Divnanata and I have had some really stupid encounters with SA's at NM and Saks in the last few weeks, we're ready to boycott the stores in general. My sister did complain to upper management.

    Personally I think sales are slow and these people are hungry for a score, hence desperation sets in. Hey I'm in sales and I know this is the kiss of death, a real turn off to the customers. Fair balance is the name of the game, so if SA's can't supply the buyer's need, they need to own up to it, go ahead and present their existing inventory with a positive slant and then back off.:confused1:
  11. ^That was a smart observation Susie - and makes sense coming from a crackerjack salesperson. It makes me laugh when I think about all the classic Paddies still on hand in our local Neiman's. I know of gals that are immediately entranced by the bag and they are relatively clueless about its fashion history. As far as I'm concerned the Paddington has reached iconic status and will continue to be a standard bearer for the brand. Chloe knows this as well and counts on this style to keep making money. If people want to be slavish trend followers - have at it. Some will be impressed with your savviness. Others will not care. Trend following and STYLE are two different things in my book and I'd much rather be about style. The best dressed woman I know has no money and looks fantastic every time I see her. She believes there is no such thing as "out" in fashion. If it works on you and makes you happy - keep wearing it. That's your "style".
  12. divnanata
    I like the way your friend thinks. I like to think I stay true to myself, who I am, and what I like. If I follow a trend, it's simply because I happen to like it and not because I want to fit in. Makes me happy, anyway!
  13. The poor Paddy got Lindsay Lohan-ified. But it'll be back! And if it's not, who cares. More for us, right?;)

    Some people have no clue about a quality, well-made item. I am really underwhelmed by the leather & workmanship of some other designer bags.

    I brought my Jade Edith to work today, and even my purse-illiterate coworkers oohed and aahh'd over it!:heart:
  14. If the paddy is so out, why is Chloe still making them??
  15. The paddington is a CLASSIC! Shame those people who are obsessed with fad's aren't able to see that.