Rude lady from LV yesterday...

  1. I forgot to add this to my new purchase thread...but I think my experience deserves a new thread.

    Yesterday, as I was entering Holts to go to LV, I saw a lady try on the Beverly MM. When I approach the counter after visiting some other counters, she was paying for the Beverly. There was a line up to get to the counter for an SA's help, so I was at the back, standing with my arms crossed (because I just worked 10 hours and I was tired). I was also staring into space, directly at the display in front of the lady who was paying for the Beverly.

    It just so happened that she turned around, looked at me, and I guess the way I was standing, I looked like I was really impatient, ticked off or something (although it was already almost my turn...) and so she gave me a disgusted look and said, "Sheesh, yes, yes I'll be out of YOUR way very soon!!" and she stuck her nose up in the air and turned back around.

    I was like whaa? :wtf: What did I do?

    She was so caught up in her sticking-nose-up that she was totally clueless about the SA coming around the counter to give her her new purchase. The SA was holding her shopping bag with two hands, and said, "Ma'am, ma'am? Ma'am, thanks for your purchase." The lady looked kind of surprised when the SA approached her.

    Then, as she was leaving, there was LOTS OF ROOM for her to walk away, but she HAD to walk near me and I could feel her giving me a little push as she walked away. She turned her head a little, and then continued walking.

    Oh the time this happened, I really didn't think much of it (because I was so excited to finally speak with an SA) but now that I think about it, that lady was so RUDE...
  2. well she sounds delightful............ NOT
  3. I would have understood the first part where she thought you were hurrying her...because of the way you were standing. But to purposely bump into you?? ****e!
  4. ugh, i'm the type of person to confront them and be like excuse me, do you have a problem? i do not understand why you are being so rude to me.
  5. What is up with some people? Weird and horribly rude!! Sorry that happened to you Karman.
  6. You should've pushed back!

    (yeah, I know, shoulda woulda coulda... I wouldn't do it either and I would be very upset thinking about it afterwards. Don't let her get to you. Some people are just mean...)
  7. I'm with MAGs here, she might have misunderstood and thought you were staring at her or something but she had no right to bump into you :tdown: Sorry this had to happen to you!
  8. I would have made her feel stupid and said Is something wrong?
  9. awww im sorry!! that sucks! people jump to comclusions SO easily!
  10. What can I say.....

    I think one gesture can interpret to many different ways .. I remembered reading a thread earlier that mentioned about what he(she) said to a SA that seemed rude to him/her.

    If I were you, I will let it go. I mean forgive and forget. The one who did this to you might not remember about it now, but it's you who remembered which make you're not happy.:nogood:

    She might have a bad day... that day. <-- this is the way I think.:shame:


    BTW, I'm so sorry that this situation's happened to you. **hugs**
  11. Damn girl, that sucks. Wonder how I would have reacted?:graucho::biguns::ninja::smash:
  12. Sorry that this happend to you Karma. Sometimes people get caught up in the moment and don't realize that it's not always about them.
  13. It seems like there are a lot of people misinterpreting gestures lately on the board, you know? I think there's like 2 other threads going on right now that are the other side of the story (where the lady who was rude to you is). I think this really shows that you shouldn't just start going off on someone you think is being rude or condescending towards you, because you have no clue what is going through their head. No one is a mind reader, so people should just ignore it and move on. I'm sorry she was so rude to you, it sucks when you didn't even do anything! But I think that seeing your side of the story will really make people think twice before going off on somebody that they *think* is being totally rude to them. Just take it with a grain of salt, you did nothing wrong and she shouldn't ruin your day. I hope you at least got a beautiful new LV bag while you were there! That makes everyday a GREAT day!
  14. hmmmmm.....let me get this straight...lately i've heard: rudeness, poor customer service, SAs sporting attitudes, other shoppers with attitudes......etc, etc..
    sounds like alot of stress at the LV boutique, where it should really be a place to go enjoy seeing the things you love..........I guess that's why I'm an Elux kinda girl..........
  15. Yikes Karman! It is a total bummer when people are so self centered they believe everyone's emotions and actions in the room are directed at them. Sorry you had to deal with her.