rude lady at LV yorkdale

  1. i didnt get her name but she was so rude to me and every single other customer! everyone that asked her to see/try on a bag- she got the bag for us but EVERY single time gave everyone an evil smirk and stare and SO much attitude! my gosh! even though im 16 i can understand but adults like in their 40-60's too? mind you i was carrying an azur speedy 30 :smile:. all i know is that she is asian and pregnant....i think she was the i was actually planning on buying the mono speedy 30 and a keepall 50- but i didnt because i didnt want to spend quite a bit of money at this store with horrible customer going to bloor all the time now for sure. they are so much nicer!
  2. Oh no ! I'm sorry that you had such a bad experience. Maybe you caught her on a bad day.. I think I know who you're talking about and she's a sweetie every time I've dropped by.
  3. I'm sorry I hate bad customer service. I know of an asian manager there who's rude...not sure if we're talking about the same lady. Last time I saw her she wasn't pregnant...then again I haven't seen her in a few months. I first saw this manager at the Bloor location. She was rude to me so I went to the one at Yorkdale to get my denim pleaty. With my luck, I saw her there as well! There's another asian lady at Yorkdale who's very nice though. Next time you go to Bloor, ask for Kirsten. She has always been nice and helpful to me!
  4. Oh I'm so sorry!! next time wait for a more polite SA!
    or try another boutique!
    But the thing with the age should not be a problem! I'm treated the same as any other one even when I go to boutiques they don't know me!
    Maybe she had a bad day...I dn't know what else to think!
    Good luck and hope this experience didn't discourage you from buying the bags you wanted!
  5. The name of the manager at Yorkdale is Zoreh, she's very small, an older lady and she wears glasses. The former assistant manager at Yorkdale was a very tall Asian lady but she has moved on from LV. Maybe you were thinking of her ?

    My favourite SAs at Yorkdale are Jenny and PJ - if anyone wants to brave Yorkdale again ! :sweatdrop:

  6. Ohhhh yah maybe she was the assistant manager. When I was at the one on Bloor, I was told she was the manager so I assumed she would be the manager at Yorkdale. Maybe that's why I haven't seen her around! I always tried to avoid her..I guess I don't have to anymore!
  7. Sorry to hear that
  8. Honey, I'm 51 and I've had her before. I was so pissed off at her unbelievable attitude, I spoke to the store manager by phone and was promised follow-up. I spend quite a bit at LV (Bloor), so was amazed and seriously upset. Guess follow-up four weeks later. If I thought it would do a damn thing, I'd spend an hour writing Hilary Weston. Understanding the letter wouldn't make it any closer than her assistant's assistant, I won't waste any more time. Bit whether or not it had anyhting to do with your age (I don;t mean that insultingly, I hope you know...) it shouldn't have. She should lose her job immediately. She refused to take a Pomme Zippy out of the case for me...asked whether or not I was interested in buying it. the risk of sounding like some kind of uber-snob...I was carrying a black L'Ingenieux PM. I actually said:

    "I BEG your pardon?"

    and she replied:

    "I said...are you planning on buying it?"

    I said:

    "You have GOT to be kidding me!!!!" and turned and walked out. Thereby, I'm sure, reinforcing her perception of me as a tire-kicker. :cursing: I will never set foot in there again. EVER. You are not alone and I know the SA to whom you're referring. Stick with Bloor :tup:.
  9. gosh don't get me started with yorkdale, i had the most terrible experience ever a few months ago and has never and will never ever set foot in that store again. i called to compalin about the SA i had, and the manager Zoe, or something, didn't seem to care at all. the experience was so terrible i even cancelled my holts amex card. i would much rather spend my money at the bloor street flagship store.
  10. I am so over these snobs. When I encounter one boy do I throw it right back in their face. I mean they WORK for the company they dont own it, so what gives anyone the right to be snobby
  11. Sorry to hear about your horrible experience. Hopefully your next one will be better. :yes:

    Luv2BuyBags, I totally agree with you. I hate SAs that are snobby and think they're better than everyone else just because they WORK there. :yucky:
  12. I know exactly who you're talking about...I've never worked with her, but she was the one that my SA got to help her ring my sale in the cash register. Sounds like she's one hormonally pregnant lady! I've been to the flagship store on Bloor too, but it was late and the person helping me wasn't being especially nice or anything. I remember I had to push pretty hard just for her to take out a new cles to show me!

    If you do go back to Yorkdale though, I second the recommendation about Peggy. But she's working in the morning while I'm at work so normally I work with Shi who normally works evenings. If I don't see Peggy or Shi or even Sue, I don't go in.
  13. its such a struggle getting good help from any of the lv's in toronto. that's not to say that i have never had great customer service, but i just lose my patience with the whole concept of shopping at lv when someone is rude to me. whether i have the intention to purchase or not, i should still be given the same treatment as those who spend thousands of dollars in 1 visit.

    they need a serious change in attitude.
  14. I'm so sorry for your bad experience with that particular SA! I can understand not buying because the transaction is part of the experience and you wouldn't want to buy from someone who was rude, it's like rewarding her attitude!