Rude holiday shoppers.

  1. I'm a pretty easy going person. I treat you the way you treat me. And around the holidays I'm always in an extra good mood. Esp. when I'm out and about shopping. I know how stressful it can be, so I just want to be in a good mood to help others be in a good mood too. Shopping is suppose to be fun after all, not stressful.

    So today, I go to a store like a Marshalls and a Ross. It's suuuuuper cheap, and these gifts I were getting people were the people I felt obligated to get stuff for. No need to go to Macy's for them. So of course, the store was busy busy busy and messy messy messy!! But I try to be in a good mood. I call my Aunt and chat with her as I browse around. Whenever I shop I try to tend to stay on the right side of the aisle (like the freeways are!) and I just expect the other person coming against my traffic to stay to the right. Well, I go to the right because I see someone coming towards me, and she says something to me all rude like. But I didn't really hear it because I was on the phone and busy trying to dodge her by moving to the side and not stepping on the merchandise on the floor. I turn around and she's mugging me. I didn't even get it, I didn't touch her!! I say, "Sorry if I hit you." But then I realized, I didn't even go near her! She's just mugging!! I'm thinking, "Why do you bother to make rude comments when someone is trying to move already??" I mean people lightly nudge each other all the time when going through aisles and I find that acceptable, but I didn't even touch her! I was already out of the freakin aisle!! :cursing:

    Why do people always try to be such a rock in people's shoes?? It's already hell trying to shop during this season, but why make rude remarks when someone hasn't done anything wrong?? Just makes me want to take my shopping cart and ram it into their ankles!

    Anyone got stories of meanie ol' shoppers this season!?

    On the good note, I got a really cute purse for a super cheap price of $7.99 that I happened to see for myself! And I saw a really cute DKNY sweater for 70% off! I even got a Disney Winnie the Pooh piggy bank that I saw at the Disney store for $30 for only $2.99!!
  2. I was shopping in Barney's today and the elevator was packed and this lady pushes me out of the way to run in. I just let it go because I try and be really calm when I shop...but some people just make me wanna twist their necks off
  3. OMG, does she have no freakin manners?? I just wanna :boxing: them!
  4. They need a head smacking like in that V8 commercial! :biggrin:
  5. I try to be super nice too! are obviously nicer than me because I would have said something to that lady! What a Scrooge! lol
  6. ahahahaa! i love that commercial!:roflmfao:
  7. (sorry for the hijack) but what about the rude sales associates??? all I wanted was a box! humph!
  8. OH I KNOW!! I know it's tough for them having to deal with other rude shoppers, but man don't take it out on me!! And talk about boxes, you know JCPennys only lets you the one box per an item you buy. (your receipt shows it!) Cheapos!!
  9. I am working in retail this holiday season. Nuff said. :lol:

    What gets ME the most is in the parking lot - cars cutting off others, almost running over pedestrians, stealing spaces when the other person has been waiting for 3 minutes (can you tell this happened to me tonight? :lol:)...I consider myself very polite, but I swear like a sailor when parking-lot-drivers make me angry.

  10. I agree with both of you on the SA's - BUT don't take out your frustration of the one-box policy on the SA! They don't make the rules! :lol:
  11. Sometimes with parking, I'd rather go to the valet parking. It's usually free and I just tip them. I really hate getting all mad abut a parking spot. The tip money helps me from getting mad over rude drivers. Kinda worth it at times. Think about it.. A little $5 tip verses a law suit for kicking his/her a$$ and scratching up their car...
  12. No I dont, it's not fair because like you said they dont make the rules, but I do get mad at the company. Stupid selfish companies!! Wait til I see you waiting for a parking spot Mr. JCPennys. I'm gonna steal your parking spot you've been waiting for for 3 minutes, making you wish you paid valet, then :boxing: you. (LOL jkjk)
  13. Fabgrabs- You sound like my sister. I was on the phone with her the other day and she was cursing like a salior to this lady who cut her off trying to get out of the mall. lol!

    Oh and this is why I do my shopping after work aka 10pm, less hassle. Except the dodo who wouldn't give me a box! Seriously. The ladies department told me to go ask this other sales associate for one and he wouldn't give one to me because he was in such a hurry to go home. Bah!
  14. ^^ How hard is it just to give someone a darn box?!
  15. LMFAO @ the boxes! I have my way of sweet talking the SA to get more than one! "Aww, I love your hair!" Then when I ask for boxes I JOKINGLY say something like, "Ya know, I could use more than one, do you think your manager will chase me down and tackle me if I try to convince you to give me an extra box?" haha, it works EVERY time!
    Its even easier with the Male SA's:graucho: loL!