Rude fellow shoppers?

  1. I always wanted to ask this after something happened to me at LV. We all heard of rude SA's, but ever hear about rude fellow shoppers?!

    I have had a rude fellow shopper! I was at LV in Vegas. I was looking at the Perfo Speedy, and set it on the counter to look at something else, one lady picks it up, and goes THIS! this is what I want! she was also looking at a Petite Bucket. I helped her! I go, the Speedy is gorgeous, get that! She was like yeah it is, her bf jumps in and goes Did we ask for your opinion. Mind your own business! I was like :wtf:. Not my fault his "girl" wanted the prettier purse. He looked like a wannabe pimp who picked up a girl from PCH. UGH rude.

    has anyone ever had a rude experience?
  2. I don't like rude people. :yucky: Especially how fun it is to buy a LV purse, you were just being helpful. And that guy is an idiot! :yucky:
  3. omg! that was harsh!! :wtf:
  4. Wow that's rude:rant: . For me, no not at a boutique.....not yet.
  5. Ick.
    I haven't had it happen in LV but I did in Burberry once. I was looking at the skirts/kilts and a couple of scarves, asking the SA about them and this girl just butts in front of me and starts talking to the SA herself like I wasn't even there!
    I just went, "um excuse me, I believe I was here first and my money is just as good as yours is..please wait your turn."
  6. That's awful! I hate it also when you're looking at two bags and someone comes up and just grabs the other one without even saying anything! :rant:
  7. gosh, that is so rude!!!! why would he say that?
  8. louislover had a problem like that I read about, rude buyers too. Whats PCH?
  9. OMG thats horrible!!! What a petty little guy!
  10. Icks! That girl's bf is an a$$hole
  11. i can't believe it, i guess maybe because the speedy is more expensive than the bucket, he needs to save his money..........but how rude yuck!
  12. That guy was the rudest! I swear, if my cousin heard, she wouldve beat his butt IN LV!

    Rebecca -- Was is the Burberry in Fashion Valley? I went with my cousin there to look for a scarf, the SA's were the nicest! haha and thats right, your money is just as good as hers!!!

    Rishin -- PCH stands for Pacific Coast Highway, where its famous for being the "Store for Wh*res" I have to say she did look like one =\

    Crochetbella -- My mom hates that! it happened to her once, and she just left, my mom has high blood pressure, and if she boiled up she wouldve blown up.
  13. oh!!! f:censor: i hate those kind of idiots:rant: what a loser!!!! such a shame... if i were his girl, i would hide my self in shame...:censor:
  14. Those rude shoppers are such losers! Obviously, they have some sort of inferiority complex!

    LVbabydoll-- that is awesome that you stuck up for yourself!! That lady totally deserved it!! :smile:
  15. Renayldoc - PCH has that? Really?? I had no idea whatsoever!! *shocked* It's terrible that man was rude to you! It's plain awful! He probably knew it was more expensive and didn't want her to pick it and your praising it didnt help. =P

    I had a much more toned down version. I was at Nordstrom Racks one time and they had plenty of seven jeans and I found ONE pair of citizens but it was a fake!!! I know because I scrutinized that style for weeks and I had gotten a fake on eBay! I put it back on the rack immediately! Then another lady came to the same rack aggressively and picked up the pair of citizens too and I butted in and told her "that ones a fake" out of the kindness of my heart but she didnt listen she turned to me and said in the b*tchiest way possible "They DONT have fakes here!!" I guess she thought I wanted to snag them from her or so m ething.
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