rude ebayers

  1. hi there! i have recently been contacted by two ebayers (both different) who accused me of selling fakes. i have over 100 feedbacks and they are 100% positive. every item i have bought/sold on eBay has been a designer handbag. i have never had a buyer worry! these people (who have never purchased a bag, but just look at the listing) contact me, accuse me of selling fakes, and when i politely tell them why my bag is not a fake, they use oversweeping generalizations like "anyone can tell from all of your listings that your bags are obviously fakes." at this point, i am just like, "i am sorry you feel that way" but there is nothing i can do to change your mind. well, i am worried that they got mad and reported me. i had a bidder cancel their bid, and when i try to revise a listing i get a really stern warning from eBay about their policy on the sale of counterfeit items. i have never gotten this warning before, and my items have store reciepts! nothing has been kicked off, but when someone reports your item, do you know? OR do you just get these warnings, OR does your item automatically just get kicked off? i am livid, but worried at the same time. has anyone else dealt with this? thanks!
  2. these people (who have never purchased a bag, but just look at the listing)

    Sometimes people use one ID just for posting on the boards and contacting sellers they suspect of selling fakes. I know I do. However, I never contact a seller unless I am POSITIVE the bag is fake. I also do not contact them without giving them reasons why I believe their bag is fake. I do not get specific (ex: instead of saying LV doesn't come with those yellow cards, I just say the authenticity card is wrong), but I show them that I do know what I am talking about. A scammer rarely replies, a deluded know-it-all who is sure "my auntie would have never given me a fake bag" sometimes responds, and the truely unaware often emails back with a thank you.
  3. i am all for people watching and reporting any fakes. amen to that! :smile: but, i say they have never purchased, just cause they are not buying my bags, receiving them, and then saying that they are fake. that has never been a problem. maybe the person is not a scammer, but a "deluded know-it-all" lol. i just hope that they are not reporting my listings. if somehow i actually was selling a fake bag, i would want a member to contact me...but when i try to explain...its like they dont even listen and just continue to say its fake. i just dont think its fair when they are the just "anyone can tell all of your listings are fake..." sort of thing...since i am getting this warning, its making me feel like the deluded knowitalls are reporting me after i have tried to explain to them what constitutes a fake vs. real bag! i was even trying to be nice.
  5. eBay has become such a hot mess, I would not be surprised if there are not people who specifically look for people selling bags and send emails like that as sort of veiled threats.

    I bet if you had offered to send the person a bag free of charge, just so she could see for yourself that is is authentic, she would have just moved on to the next seller, and the next person seeking a bag as "protection fee" would have moved on to you.
  6. I've only had one person accuse me of this and I replied to them telling them that they were rude to assume such a thing. I then reported their e-mail to E-Bay as harrassment and told them I would do so.
  7. you should report them to ebay and tell them they are harrassing you
  8. If you know you are selling the real deal and you photograph your item explicitly and thoroughly and post those photos in your listing, that is all you need to do. The scammers and busybodies who might try to waste your time can do whatever they want - all that matters is that ebay sees your stuff is real and that you state it's real and prove it by photos in the auction. don't let time wasters bother you.
  9. okay...i feel alot better. i always have the max number of pics in my listings...I am not worried about authenticity in the least, but it is just upsetting that i am being targeted by a couple of people. they say stuff like "they are trying to justice" in the world, and "i will be prosecuted" by law enforcement--it is crazy!
  10. so true! :yes:
  11. i never thought about reporting to ebay! what a great idea! yall would be shocked (well maybe not...i dunno) at the stuff people will say! i will do that next time!
  12. I wouldn't even waste my time responding to rude people! :cursing::nogood:
  13. Girl, dont get me started. I love ebay, and have had nothing but good experiences with my purchases. But selling is a whole 'nother story. Buyers are very rude, and its turned me off from selling. They waste your time and money by bidding and not reading/abiding/respecting your terms. They are rude. I need to put a bag up next week, and I rather dred it....I will have to put it VERY boldy, the terms, which are quite simple.
  14. Block them from your auctions. And don't worry -- your bags are authentic and you can prove it.