RUDE Ebayer, Im so angry !!!!!!!!!!

  1. So I bought an item over 3 weeks ago and I e-mailed the seller last week to ask if she had posted the item. So she responded back and said that her account had been hacked and she had only just sent the item out (this is 2 weeks after I had paid for it), so I e-mailed back and said I totally understood etc.

    So Im waiting and waiting for this item to arrive and I e-mailed her yesturday asking if she had a tracking number or anything for this item because it wasnt here and this is over a week later, I was very nice and polite in my e-mail because I uderstood it wasnt her fault.

    The item has just arrived today when I got home and I go to my eBay and she has sent me a message in the MOST sarcastic way she could and it was very very rude. The e-mail also says that she sent me an e-mail about the item (the e-mail i was on about in the 1st paragraph) last week and DID I REMEMBER THIS??, MAYBE I SHOULD CHECK MY E-MAILS :wtf::wtf: Also she tells me that the item actually cost her more to post than she charged me :wtf:

    well now im utterly stunned and I have ALLWAYS been nice and polite to her and even understanding when I KNOW it doesnt take 2 weeks to sort out a hacked account (my mums has been hacked 4 times and it takes less than 3 days to sort it out), what should I do about this seller, I really cant just leave this one, I cant get over how rude she is to me.

    Im very annoyed :cursing:
  2. Your ultimate revenge would be to let this go; don't respond to her crappy e-mail. Don't leave her feedback either. Just - she doesn't exist. You have your item, all's good in the world. Remember, while it is a cliche, it's true: "What goes around, comes around." She'll get hers in the end.
  3. I agree with indiaink--I'm so sorry that she was rude to you! I don't understand why people just can't be civil! BUT--if she did indeed have to pay more for shipping than she charged you, then just remember that with a smile and forget about the rest--sounds like you got the best end of the deal! :yes:
  4. I do agree with the posts above - if you retaliate with the sarcastic feedback it will look like either she was right or sour grapes on your part.

    If the item is okay and as it was described in the auction then just delete it from your eBay home page and forget to leave her feedback.

    You should be able to see from the packaging how much it cost to post and also the date it was posted. If the item didn't cost her anymore and you can see that it was sent just recently then you could send her an email and just state facts - the postage label does not lie, but then you could also say that it was rather petty.

    Just better to forget and don't buy from her again.
  5. Hi, thanks for your replies, I really appreciate them. She did spent more on postage than she put in the listing and actually didnt make anything on the item, but I feel that wasnt my fault, she had a postage cost and I paid it.

    I just found the e-mail so awful, she also put in it "IM NOT A PSYCHIC, SO I CANNOT GIVE YOU A DATE OR TIME OF WHEN IT SHOULD ARRIVE" :wtf::wtf:, now I have never heard anything like this. I have dealt with some pretty nasty people on eBay but this person is sarcastic and patronising.

    I do get what you mean with not leaving feedback but I would like to let other buyers know what they are in for with this particualr seller since she sells quite a few designer items, is there any way I can do this ?.

    Thanks again :tup:
  6. Have they actually left you feedback yet or was it just an email?
  7. Hi, this was an e-mail, they havent left feedback.
  8. Right, well obviously you don't really want to provoke them in leaving negative feedback for you (which it sounds like they probably will anyway - they sound like that sort of person).

    I think, if the item is as described and you are happy with it, that you should leave Neutral feedback. You only need to say that the item was as described but slow delivery and communication not good.

    However, as they seem to be quite rude and arrogant anyway, it is probable that they will leave you negative just to hurt your feedback score so if you really wanted to you could say that the item was as described but the delivery was slow and seller was rude.

    Just be prepared for the reply!
  9. I totally agree with Ali. The only way you could inform other buyers is to leave a feedback. But you need to prepare the seller retaliates. I think the seller is upset since he/she lost money on shipping. But it is his/her mistake, not yours. You sure don't deserve that kind of reply.
  10. I actually don't agree with leaving it alone, sorry. The seller was very rude! None of what happened was your fault Socialite! She's the one who decided how much shipping is. It was her account that was hacked which caused the delay. She did not keep you posted on the status of your item. It took her over 2 weeks to deliver it. Yet she had the audacity to send you a mean email?! I would actually still email nicely to her just so she can feel stupid and guilty. Tell her something like "Sorry if you feel agitated. I was just asking nicely what's the status of my item. Of course I know that you're not psychic, but I thought maybe you would have the tracking number. If you didn't, that's fine too. And like you, I'm not a psychic either, I wouldn't know how much it costs to ship. I paid whatever amount you had listed on your auction. Did you feel that the shipping cost was my fault? I thought I did the right thing by paying what I owe. I'm not sure what it is that I did wrong. I actually thought I was being patient waiting for the 2 weeks arrival of my item." That way she can see you were not wrong, and that she was being a B* and that you're still the nice one =). You can leave her a negative feedback IF you don't mind receiving one too b/c most likely she would if would.
  11. WOW Bravo, that was a great message to send her ITA with you. I will let you know how it all goes. Thankyou all for you're help :flowers:
  12. I recommend leaving a positive one work feedback that just says "Thanks". This covers receiving an item in satisfactory condition that was a good deal. Then give her the lowest ratings possible under the star section. That is completely anonymous and will drive down her ratings under "Communication" and "Shipping". That way you will have left feedback for the general buying community without triggering a war with someone who is irrational.
  13. I'd go one step further & state in the feedback "recieved item" then give the low star. And that's ONLY if she leaves you feedback 1st.
    If she doesn't leave you feedback, then fine, let it go & you avoid a p**sing contest.
    But I love BabyK's letter about what to email the seller, it's a great way to tell the seller she's a bi*** without being rude.
  14. This is a very good response. I think I would have done something similar.
  15. whew what a meanie. I agree with what the person above me just said.