Rude ebay sellers

  1. Yesterday I had seen a Neo Speedy on eBay and ended up inquring about it on the Authentication Forum. I ended up winning the auction but I had a few questions so I emailed the seller. It has now been officially 24 hours of me winning the auction, but last night the Seller continued to write a very rude email. Stating that I should I do not know how to do business on eBay and calling me a "looser."
    Should I still continue with purchasing this item?

  2. What did you ask? I think it's wrong to ask about authentification/condition of bag after you won the auction. All questions should be asked and cleared before you even bid on auctions. I had a few buyers start asking me bunch of questions about the bag and also started to complain about my shipping fee/method after she/he won the item. I cleary states negotiations/questions have to be brought up before buyer bid the item.

    But, it is not right for seller to call you a loser or be nasty to you. It's up to you to buy the item you won, but you'll receive a negative feedback for sure since you won the item.
  3. C'mon you definately have to buy what you bid on. That is the right thing to do. And, we are tPFers and we always do what is right.

    Now, onto your other matter. Yes, as a matter of fact the other day I bought an LV bag before the seller got back to me on a few email questions I had regarding the bag's condition. I had seen the bag once it was listed and the BIN price was TDF, so by 5:00 when I had not yet heard back from the seller, I took a chance and purchased the bag as a BIN since I knew someone else would (most likely a fellow tPFer!) since the price was so great. And, I followed up with the seller saying something like, Dear Seller, Okay, I have rationalized that if you told me about a small flaw on the interior of the bag, if there were any flaws on the bag's exterior you would have certainly noted it in the description. I am going to do the Buy It Now in good faith that you are a fair and honest ebayer. Please still reply to my emails and let me know the condition of the exterior.
    Thanks. The wonderful seller did respond later that night and also apologized about not getting back to me quicker.

    As buyers it is important to remember that we too must be pleasant, patient and kind to our sellers.
  4. I don't think it is bad to ask any questions, at least regarding authenticity bec if the item is sold as authentic, you receive it and file bec it is fake, you are obviously not obliged to buy whatever you bid on.

    having said that it is better to ask before you bid - obviously. regardless, the seller should not have been rude, that is unprofessional and uncalled for. but if the bag was authenticated, yes you should go through with the sale. being nice is not part of the contract, uinfortunately.

  5. Well, first off her response was not too professional. She could have handled your questioning, a lot better!

    Second, you really should not have questioned the authenticity AFTER you bid and won it. That should ALWAYS be done before you take that leap and bid/win

    You are obligated to buy it UNLESS you have proof its not authentic.

    If you really think it is fake, you might have to receive it first and confirm that, then file with eBay/PayPal.

    GOOD LUCK and keep us posted!!
  6. well.....I think it's not right for the seller to act rude..but if you already bid and won the item...and you already agreed on a contract...
  7. That kind of rudeness is totally uncalled for, especially from someone who you're going to be giving your money to! I don't understand why they would need to feel so defensive if they had an authentic bag. As a seller I'd do anything requested to reassure the buyer that they are getting the real thing. I find this behavior weird and I'd definitely inspect the bag carefully after receiving it.
  8. i have a slightly different take on this..................if you are really doubtful, don't go thru with the sale. What's worse? you losing money and/or hassling with ebay and/or the seller to get your money back, or one neg feedback? yes honor is the preferred thing, but hey, to thine own self be true. Would you rather be loyal to a nameless person out there when you have developed doubts (and yes, it can happen after bidding on an item) or would you rather be miserable with your purchase, and poorer too? sometimes rules are meant to be broken if it means despair for you....................and her behavior to me is a dealbreaker..............totally unacceptable.................i have questioned sellers after i committed to buy, a couple of times, and they have anwered my questions graciously and professionally. Sometimes things about the item you committed to buy are pointed out to you by a third party and you see it in another light...............I refuse to be controlled by a bleep on my "cyberspace" reputation..............and you should too
  9. I was totally new to this whole E-Bay thing and I couldnt believe how nasty the sellers can be. Usually if the sellers are that bent out of shape for either not doing the sale or asking about the quality of the product usually throws a red flag up in my book, possible either a fraud, knock off item or the authentication is questionable. This was a huge learning process.
  10. What exactly were your questions? Honestly if I was that seller I would have responded to whatever questions you asked honestly but then said I hope you realize that since you won you have entered a legal contract to buy and I will be expecting your payment soon.. there was no need for her to get nasty.
  11. Once a seller calls me a 'loser' as far as I'm concerned that's it, I would not do business with them and if you haven't paid for the item I wouldn't. They can give you a non paying bidder strike but if it's your only one you'll be ok, I think you can get 3 before Ebay will suspend you. The seller will not be able to leave you feedback. It doesn't matter what the questioned you asked was, there's no excuse for a seller responding in that way, highly unprofessional.


  12. Sellers can't leave negative feedback any more. Only buyers can.

    If won the auction you need to pay as agreed in the terms of the auction unless you know for sure the item is not authentic.

    The seller paid listing fees to list the item. The seller was also charged final value fees based on the selling price of the item. It is extremely frustrating as a seller to have to wait weeks to get your fees refunded when someone doesn't pay. If you just blow them off and don't pay then they have to wait 7 days before they can file a non-paying bidder dispute, then they have to wait another 7 days to see if you respond. Only after all that will they will finally get their fees refunded. You will receive a strike against your account for non-payment. When you receive 3 strikes, you are suspended.

    If the item is not authentic: ask the seller to file a transaction cancellation stating that you both agreed to cancel the sale. The seller files, then you have to accept the agreement, then the seller is automaticallly refunded their fees back and you do not receive a strike.
  13. Was the item actually authenticated in LV forum? Because if it is not, I would risk a NPB just to avoid getting a fake bag. That seller was wrong in calling you a "looser" (sic) -- it sounds like it could be a suspect sale. Let us know what happens. I would insist on her sending the pictures before I paid if that is what is needed to be sure it is authentic. How is her feedback for other LV bags sold? You can go to to check previous FB in case you don't know.
  14. There really is no excuse for rude behavior whether you are experienced or not buying or selling on ebay.

    If you must have the item, pay for it have the seller ship it to you. If you don't want it, then be prepared to deal with the consequences and take responsibility for your decision.

  15. ITA!!! if i walked into a brick-n-mortar store and got that kind of attitude from the seller i would not stay and spend a dime there! it's the same thing to me - they obviously don't want any business!