Rude Ebay Sellers - long sorry

  1. Grrr some people make me mad and wonder how they ever plan to do business.

    I made an enquiry about a Chanel Bowler asking the seller if they could either email or post to their listing a pic of the authenticity card and sticker inside the bag. They got back to me via email with a pic of the card and a very blurry flash affected pic of the sticker (you couldn't read it at all). I asked them to resend a better pic which they ignored so I thought I would send another email asking for more details. I asked if they could describe the sticker (I was after specific info about the numbers 1 and 0, plus I asked what was running down both sides of the sticker. I also asked (as they live in the same place as me) if they were willing to do a COD on inspection of the bag if I was the winning bidder.

    This is the response I received this morning:

    "Hi ive already responded to you that no i dont do cash on delivery and i prefer not to meet the buyers etc just for privacy reasons. if your not confident on bidding then please dont bid and waste my time, as ive guaranteed the authenticity and wish to run a smooth transaction and not be held up by a million questions about authenticity after the item has been sold"

    Whoa I only asked a couple of simple questions and no I did not approach you more than once about COD inspection. Jeez some people - I think she has something to hide and I feel like I should report the listing to eBay.
  2. While I have gotten annoyed with potential buyers in the past, I do not think that what you asked was unreasonable at all. If it is an item that you can do without, I would not deal with this seller...if you are having trouble dealing with her now, I can only imagine what she would be like after the auction is closed!
  3. I can understand if a seller gets annoyed with continuous questions, but unless the seller answers a prospective buyers question in full in the first instance then they should expect to have further questions asked.

    I was very serious about this particular item but not anymore.
  4. That is what the back button is for..this is a seller that none of us need.
  5. I just read your last line again..your instinct to report is most likely correct. You might want to post the auction number on the Chanel board..ask some of those ladies to go take a look at the bag. If it is not authentic there is a much better shot of getting it taken down if more then just one person reports it.
  6. Thanks for the advice - I just posted it in the Chanel section.
  7. To me, this would be something even the authenticators would need better pictures of. I help out in the authentication forum for LV bags and if the pictures are blurry, we tell the potential bidders to ask again for clearer pics. If they do not get them, the motto is no pics=no buy. Tell the seller to use the macro setting on their camera (should be a flower).
  8. Thank you Lvbabydoll I did exactly that - after she emailed the pics I emailed her back saying that I would appreciate it if she could take the pics again using macro function - but I didn't hear back, which started alarm bells. Oh well no great loss to me there will always be something else come along. I just had to have a rant as I thought her tone of reply to reasonable questions was rude.
  9. Gosh...I can totally relate. I asked for pictures of the date code and LV snap closures and got a response from the seller that I personally offended both he and his wife! Although I'm new to LV, I seem to remember someone mentioning that fakes were even showing up with My Poupette Recommended Sellers. It's not like you are buying a $10 item ya know?
  10. I agree, no clear pic, clearly no money. You would think that if it was a real bag, no matter how annoying, they would make sure you got what you needed. After all, this is the net. Too many wonderful sellers on eBay that will bend over backwards for you.
  11. Ugh.
    Yeah another one will definitely come along and hopefully from a seller with a better attitude.
  12. I posted on here some time back about a horrible rude seller who flat out refused to send me more pictures and when I replied that I would be unable to bid on their item they starting getting horrible and mean calling me nasty names, however, what shocked me more was some of the responses I received on this board, they sided with the seller! Saying if they say it's authentic then they shouldn't have to answer any more questions!!! I was shocked to say the least, anyone can SAY it's authentic! seriously you should look up my post it was an eye opening experience to say the least about some of our fellow members.
  13. I would be weary of anyone who absolutly refuses to meet to sell something expensive like that. It seems very shady to me