RUDE Ebay Seller!

  1. I must say, i think he did not want to measure the shoes, as maybe he though that it better if he just says the official shoe size stated on shoes...
  2. The quote that you quoted was about a seller who waited 8 days before mailing, not the package taking more than 8 days.

    The original post that I made was about a seller who wanted to wait 7 to 14 days before mailing.

    While most shipping is not guaranteed, shipping from 30 miles away doesn't usually take more than two days.
  3. I do think that if a seller won't respond about measurements, then they aren't that worried about making a sale. If a seller won't answer my questions about measurements or such, I won't buy from them.
  4. Well, as far as the "Best Offer" feature goes, I bought a pair of LV shoes a week ago from a very friendly seller. Her "Buy it Now" price was $375. I sent her an offer for $250, and she sent me a counter-offer for $300. I accepted her $300 offer and we had a wonderful friendly sale. She gave me absolutely glowing positive feedback.

    The above sale only had a difference in price of $25, and it was for a very similar item (used LV shoes).

    I also go by what other similar shoes have sold for, and also look at the "Buy it Now" prices for similar itmes. Typical "Buy it Now" prices for comparable LV used shoes are $250 to $275.

    It's not like this guy was selling shoes in brand new condition or a "rare" item. They were well worn sandals, and I personally think that asking for $400 for such an item is overpriced. Especially when the exact same style of shoe has "Buy it Now" prices of $250 on many other auctions. I doubt anyone is going to pay $400 for well-worn sandals.

    Of course, it's the seller's prerogative. Maybe he doesn't really want to sell the shoes. That's the impression I got.

    I laughed at the person's remark about how looney it sounded for this guy to say that his wife's feet are the ultimate measure of how shoes should fit! :smile: That was clever and funny! The guy also boasted in his auction that his wife has "dozens and dozens of new LV shoes", so she wants to get rid of the old ones. I think that's a bit of overkill, especially since the "dozens and dozens" of new shoes are not listed for sale.

    He even boasted some more: He said that he doesn't have any of the original receipts for the items, but that "everyone at the Louis Vuitton store in (major American city) knows me by name, so you can call there and verify." Really? When his REAL name is nowhere to be found in the auction? And who cares if "everyone" at this LV store knows him? He could still be selling some fakes, not that I'm accusing him of doing so.

    He sounds like a snob, to be honest. I would NEVER word an auction like that. He seems to treat everyone like they are beneath him. His attitude is: "I don't need your money". Not a very smart way for a seller to behave!

  5. FWIW - speaking from a sellers perspective (measuring aside - because I would have) ... This seems to be the first go around for his listing (it was fairly easy to locate) and the only pair like them listed right now, I wouldn't accept an offer that much below my initial offering on my first attempt to sell either, especially when the person is asking questions AFTER submitting an offer... It's just asking for trouble (and selling is difficult enough these days). An offer is a commitment to buy, had he accepted your offer and the sizing was wrong, whose fault would it have been?

    Additionally, the seller has over 500 positive feedback (100%) so they can't be all bad or, in your words, rude.

    As others have said, probably best you move on and find another seller that you would feel more comfortable with.

    Good luck.
  6. +1
  7. I would do the same.
    If you like it, do not try to low ball and play game. I am very straight up front when selling even in low end stuffs.
  8. If this is the case then DEFINITELY avoid him and be grateful no sale occured. Also, don't think about it too much and just move on. Think of it this way, you are having to spend time and energy even typing about him and he is off somewhere probably not even remembering the email exchange. Forget him, rude or not, there are millions of seller fishes in the sea.
  9. OP, I think in general sellers are getting fed up with lowball offers.. now I know that's subjective. But it's rampant lately. I will actually just auto-decline anything I find not worthy, which is the setting this guy should have had. And if an offer comes in above that and the feedback looks decent/active, I will either accept or maybe counter if it's a tad on the low end and I have other interest. Buyers should give their best offer right away, because if it's perceived as low you might just cause a seller to auto-block you and move on, and you've missed out completely. I don't feel best offer options are like flea markets, meant for back and forth and haggling..... it's 'Best Offer' what you're willing to pay for it. I have found that it's generally not too much less than asking, for most sellers. Sales are already way down right now and sellers are hurting. Prices are already generally low at the moment, at least for what I sell/buy, bags, shoes...

    BUT I DO always bend over backward to give measurements etc... however I'm a girl :smile: and strive to do my best... sometimes guys are more Type A and just sellers, and won't coddle anybody and don't care to, if you know what I mean. I agree it was best to just move on. :smile: Good luck!!
  10. ^ If the price is "not too much less than asking," why have best offer as an option at all? Why not just have one BIN price and stick to that? Curious.
  11. I, totally agree with you.

    We as sellers can offer "best offer" and have it automatically refuse best offers that aren't up to the set amount that we will accept.
  12. Yes, I do agree. I've spent enough time typing about this guy. On to the next!

    As far as the "Best Offer" feature goes, I think there is some variance of opinion on how one should use it.

    There are tutorials on Ebay that advise potential buyers on how best to use the BO feature. They actually advise people to not be overly worried about insulting the seller with a somewhat low offer, because every seller is different in terms of what amount they will accept. For example, I got my LV shoes from another seller for 20% below her best offer price by using the BO feature. Of course Ebay advises people to not submit ridiculously low offers, either. But 20% below best offer price doesn't seem insultingly low to me.

    And if someone doesn't want to sell their item for below say $400, then why even offer the best offer feature? It would be much better for such a person to simply stick with a "Buy it Now" listing. Then they don't have to worry about getting any "low" offers.

    I realize that every seller is different, but I think I may be right about the BO feature. I'm definitely not very experienced with "bargaining" for items and don't like to do it, but it really can save a person money in the long run. That's just my opinion, of course.

    Thanks for the replies!
  13. good points... every seller is different as is every buyer..

    put your best offer in, they will either accept counter or reject..

    with all the items on ebay sooner or later you can find almost anything

    at the price you want to pay...
  14. Again, many sellers use BO as a way to vet potential PITA buyers. That way they can check the feedback left and decide whether they want to take a chance with them or not. It is also a good way to have contact with a potential PITA buyer to see if they have 'issues'. As a seller I have never used BO, but I can sure see why other sellers do. I have tried making some BOs as a buyer. Some were successful, most were not. :p Turned out I didn't really need the item after all :lol:
  15. Not "too much less" is subjective terminology too :smile: I don't mean to imply the best offer I'd accept is only $30 less or something.. That's not the case. And YES totally agree with poopsie here below, the main benefit of best offer is to be able to choose your winner based on good communication and good offer, good feedback etc.. Sometimes even by cheapest shipping destination if I've offered free shipping... Selecting my buyer is a better benefit to this selling option than any other purpose, IMO. I've even accepted the lower offer before, and not the best offer, due to the comments left for other sellers in their feedback.

    Agree :smile: