RUDE Ebay Seller!

  1. I can hardly believe how RUDE the following eBay seller was to me...I just need to vent about this.

    Anyone who has tried to buy shoes (especially the European sizes) on eBay knows just how confusing the conversion from American shoe sizes to European sizes can be. The size varies from brand to brand, and even by individual style within the brand.

    I was looking at a pair of Louis Vuitton sandals.

    In the seller's auction, he stated that an LV size 37.5 is equal to an American size 7.5. I POLITELY emailed him with the request that he please measure the shoe from heel to toe to give me a bit more info to go on to be sure the shoes will fit me. There are NO returns, so it's only common courtesy for a seller to provide not just the shoe size, but the shoe measurements. Then if the shoes don't fit me, it's my problem. I understand that.

    But this seller REFUSED to measure the shoe! He's going to lose business with that attitude. To make matters worse, I had put in an offer for the (used) shoes for $275+$30 shipping. His "Buy it Now" price is $400, so I don't feel that my offer was unduly "low" as he told me! He always could have done a counteroffer. Instead, he IGNORED my offer. He didn't even give me the common courtesy of letting me know that he had DECLINED my offer!

    Here is the seller's response: "I find that if I measure the shoe and post CM or inches everyone has a different idea of where or how to measure it from. So I do not get involved in that. My wife is a perfect size 7.5 US, 37.5 EURO. If you are uncomfortable or unsure then do not buy the shoes. Your offer was declined. Being recently listed I am not interested in low offers. The listing will never run out until sold so I will wait until the right buyer comes along."

    That's a pretty rude and snippy reply, no? Refusing to measure the shoes AND calling my offer "low"???

    If he had just sent me a counteroffer I probably would have bought the shoes for $350 or so. I deliberately bid a bit low, expecting that he would send me a counteroffer. I DID NOT expect him to IGNORE my offer altogether and not even give me the common courtesy of letting me know that my offer was declined. And $30 seems like an awful lot for US postage.

    I really like the shoes, but I don't think I want to deal with this seller who treated me so rudely. What would you do? He has 100% feedback, but he also seems to have a really bad attitude.

    And is LV size 37.5 really always equal to US size 7.5? I'm a perfect size 7.5, but as I understand it, LV shoes can vary a bit.

    Thanks for any advice!

  2. To be honest OP, your request was fair enough, but combined with your low offer it seemed like a potentially difficult transaction, so I can understand the seller. I don't think his response was rude. Annoying perhaps, but not rude. Sellers don't have to counter offers they get. It is called "best offer" after all, so if less than $300 was your best offer to him he probably thought you are a troublesome buyer who makes lowball offers, asks for lots of information and then wants to return if the shoes don't fit. Not saying that you would have, but there are many who might.
  3. I don't think the seller was rude either....... It's legit for him to not want to measure, and in his mind you low balled. There is no rule on eBay stating sellers must not ignore offers. Move on to the next.

  4. Sorry, but IMO the seller was not rude and is within his rights to refuse to measure the shoes if he so chooses. Personally, I include measurements but each seller is an independent contractor so to speak. If you don't like the way he does business take your business elsewhere :okay:
  5. Sorry OP, I agree with the others. There's a better chance of being scammed these days, so if I see even a tiny red flag I don't sell to that person. I really don't think the seller was rude, just business like perhaps. Your offer was a bit low IMO also.
  6. I agree with the others. I do not think the seller was rude and your offer was way too low IMO.
  7. He probably figured you aren't 100% sure of your size so he does not want to deal with you.
  8. I recently encountered the most rude seller since I joined ebay a few days ago. I did not send a lowball, just requested that the item please be sent in time for it to arrive for a birthday in 8 days (and the shipping was 3x the amount it would cost to send priority to across the country). As the seller lives in the next town over, didn't seem too unreasonable. You would not believe how horrible this guy was; I had never encountered anything like it before. Unfortunately, I could not move on, as I had paid right away as as BIN. I got back (I type hear a much nicer version): "I will ship on MY time not yours, and too bad forget you," and a whole lot more. It was so bad, rude, and threatening that I actually called ebay, who is going to recommend he complete a course in basic human communication skills.

    So, in light of that most horrible experience, I would say your buyer was actually almost cordial.

  9. So, did you make the shipping request before or after you hit the BIN? As a seller I can't tell you how edgy I get when buyers start asking questions and making requests after purchase.
    IMO the OP's seller was downright polite considering the circumstances.
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    This, I get edgy too. I´ve had people say "I hope I don´t have to pay Customs" after they have bought and paid. Not mentioning anything about it earlier. That is an indirect threat/request for me to make sure the value is low on the package or they might neg me or become a pain.

    Nobody should be rude and most of the time you can write in a cordial way. I do get worried when people make requests AFTER the purchase. It is a known fact that many scammers try to rush the shipping so that would have made me worried too. I wouldn´t have been rude though.
  11. I don't think the seller is rude. Annoying sure as he doesn't want to measure, just move on to the next seller that's willing to accommodate you. You don't want to deal with a seller you can't get along with. Since he listed for $400, your offer is bordering a lowball offer. I would've counter offered, but I suppose it's his loss for not doing it as well. Euro 37.5 is generally a size 7 US. Now don't quote me on this, but the measurements for that size ranges from 9.2-9.75 inches. Of course it varies, but I know it's in the 9's. That I know is a fact.
  12. If you weren't sure of the sizing why did you even make an offer? Ask first bid later!
  13. If I quoted what he wrote me, I don't think you'd have that opinion. Asking a shipper to ship by 7 days is really not a hardship in my mind, when the money was paid instantly from balance. I don't think asking for something to be shipped in time for a gift--a 7 day window--is unreasonable. I myself ship the next day. I can understand a few days, but waiting a week to ship?

    Seriously, do you think it's reasonable when a buyer asks nicely if something can be shipped by 7 days, that is asking too much? If it was, all they had to do is respond nicely, not with major attitude and rudeness.
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    I ASKED if it would be possible to ship within 7 days. I did not ask to "rush" ship the item, I asked if it would be mailed within a week. I did not say send it to me tomorrow, I ASKED if they would possibly be able to send it out within the next 7 days. I have perfect feedback, and have never tried to scam anyone. The seller could check that, as well as feedback left for others.

    There really was no call for him to be rude. All he had to do is say that he would not ship until 2 weeks after I paid, if that was how he does things. It was an item under $50, and I was paying nearly $20 in shipping for it, even though priority would have been less than $6.

    Seriously, this is unreasonable???

    I did not ask for something to be declared a gift by customs (the seller and I live less than half an hour from each other). I did not ask him to break any ebay rules or such. I just asked if it could be sent by 7 days; I would have received it on the 8th day.

    Do you all think it's reasonable to wait for 8 to 14 days after payment is cleared for an item to be shipped?

    ETA: The ebay rep read through the emails and was astounded by how rude and nasty the seller had been, and it was his idea to report said seller to be advised of how to treat customers with common decency.
  15. I wasn´t specifically referring to your post when I quoted popsie. I just mentioned that today sellers (and buyers) have to be extra careful and any little thing could be seen as a red flag.

    I also said that nobody should ever be rude. I do not find your request unreasonable. Not at all.