Rude comments about my LV's!!

  1. Yesterday I went to my BF. He lives in a small town in Switzerland. We walked along the empty street until a friend of my BF came out of a bar. He looked at my Mono Speedy and said: "Uuuh Louis Vuitton, you shouldn't wear it here, maybe in Zermatt but not here. This is not a town to wear Louis Vuitton."
    (Zermatt is a town one hour away from my hometown. Maybe you know the Matterhorn)
    So, I was really pissed and told him that I don't care, and smiled. His brother told my BF that I'm just crazy that I spend so much many on a bag,... I asked my BF why he gave me such comments and he told me that he loves to make comments to everything.

    I love LV, so why should I wear my bags just in towns like Zermatt, St. Moritz or Zurich?!
  2. These things are so annoying. Yeah, if you brought your speedy to a ski trip in the alpes, I can kind of see where he would've come from, but speedies aren't limited to certain towns!
  3. Anyone that makes these type of comments are one thing...........jealous. Enjoy your bags everywhere you want to.
  4. ^^ I agree.
  5. Well, what was his reason for saying that you shouldn't wear it in that town?

    Maybe wearing Louis Vuitton in such a place makes you a target for a mugging? There are some places that you really shouldn't wear, carry or use coveted items as it makes you stand out in a very negative way. Having a luxury item doesn't always give one the notoriety that they want, especially in cities where poverty and crime levels are high..
  6. I love my bags and I take them everywhere. I know there are people who have only one or two designer bags and they save them for special occasions. That is their choice. For me.....I feel great when I have a great bag on my arm and even though sometimes I am embarrased by others comments I still keep using them.
  7. What an a-hole.... who cares what they had to say! Its your bag, your money and you love it.... you should of hit them with the bag :bagslap:
  8. It depends on why he said that. Safety concerns, maybe? I'd need more info to give an accurate response.
  9. IMO it all comes down to lack of understanding. Though I may understand why he feels that way, doesn't mean I agree with it. But being more tactful would have been the way to go. Don't get offended, it is a girl thing after all and it's no mystery that men don't understand women. I am sure that if he knew that what he was going to say would offend you, he wouldn't have said it at all. :smile:
  10. It's a small town, without crime or poverty! He said this because he thinks that this town has not that standart of luxury like Zermatt. In my BF's hometown they just have 1000 people. If you know Zermatt you would know that there is no crime at all.
  11. I agree!!
  12. Dont listen to him ....maybe he's jealous (who knows hihihi...)
  13. I live in a blue collar community and I carry my LV with pride. I get some jealous sideways glances, but I don't let it bug me. Don't let people's ignorant comments keeping your from living your life and enjoying your bags.
  14. Girl...You wear your LV wherever you want. WHo care about what other people said. I get ton of people saying I spent mad money or purse, so what? I still do anyways.
  15. one of the people that have to make stupid comments to others in order to feel good about themselves... just ignore