Rude comment at the doctor's office today!

  1. So, I went with my mom to her doctor's appointment today and the beginning nurse, looked to be about in her mid-20's who takes the blood pressure, weight and gives the gown to you came in to do her thing to my mom and I was in there with her, cause I always go in with her (vice versa, we are best friends and always go in a pair).

    So, shes setting up the pressure thing for my mom and she looks at me and my shoes and bag. I had my Chanel Cambon ballet flats on and my Silver Miroir Lockit and some inclusion bangles on.

    She 1st goes, "OOoh, cute shoes, I love them did you get them from the Chanel store itself", I reply, "Yes I did"...then she goes, "I love your bag, it's LV right?" I go..."yes, it is, it's the L/E Miroir, thanks!"...then looked me over more, kept going wow, etc...then she goes......




    "You are materialistic aren't you?" then followed right up after it with..."Well, are you materialistic?"

    I sat there in utter shock, I didn't know what to say! I was so like, dumbfounded and so was my mom....I stuttered and was like...", I, certain brands a lot more than's just what I like for myself".

    Now, I wanna kick myself for not busting out my light saber and going samurai on her...but I was caught WAY off guard and wanted to remain ladylike and somewhat classy for myself and of course for my mother and the place we were in, for it being a doctor's office and all...

    It was just WEIRD and VERY forward and kinda ballsy. Just wanted to share and chalk it up on the block as one of the off the wall comments we get from time to time.
  2. OMG you should have said so don't think before you speak?

    Seriously that's just wrong and just before Bp reading too yeah um good job at the relaxing people I don't think!!
  3. Wow that was pretty rude...I mean, everyone's materialistic in some way to some extent but asking right out if one's materialistic is just so uncalled for.
    Anyway, I think she's just jealous. If she wasn't jealous I don't think she could care less about what you were wearing/carrying :rolleyes:
  4. OMGosh, how rude!!!
  5. Psh, clearly she's jealous! I wouldn't worry about it since she's obviously a bitter woman, just remember your saber if it happens again ;)
  6. Rude for sure, but I would have laughed and said well yeah, I sure am! I love my labels! (I have belted this out several times) I could give a *hit what people think and I have no problem being honest about my shopping habit! I say BE PROUD sister!
  7. that would have totally caught me off guard as well. sorry she was so rude to you. jealousy jealousy...
  8. GAYLE!!! Oh my god!!! You should have b***h slapped her!!! Ok...maybe that wouldn't have gone over well. But WOW that is awful! I hate when those situations happen to me and then I think of all the things I could have replied with. She certainly was rude. Jealousy is such a bad emotion. *hugs* to you sweetie. I :heart: ya!
  9. LOL, definately! .... at least I'll be prepared now. I promise I shall go all Obi Wan Kenobi on her backside next time :yes:

    And Sunshine, that's also good advice and I'll bring my A-game with that next time too. ...Just this was SO off-guard, blindsiding, I choked! haha...

  10. that is really rude, why don't people just think before they open their mouth?
  11. OMG that is terrible of her to say!! What a ruuuude b*&%§ !!! Seriously! She's just bloody jealous and not worth fretting about IMO....Heads up girl and keep wearing whatever you feel like!
  12. Omg some people are so rude.
  13. I say GOOD FOR YOU. You did keep your manners, even when she DIDN'T have any. And I know about feeling like you should've given her hell after thinking about it. But it's always best to have taken the high road. Plus hon, you still have your flats, bag, & bangle at the end of the day. For her to be so knowing of what you have just states that she'd like them too. But rather than just being envious & compliment-ory, she chose to be bitter & jealous. So smile, I think you did great.
  14. Glad you were able to keep your composure. You showed true class which she lacked. Don't let her foolish comments bother you. She obviously had a little green monster named "Envy", that she couldn't hold back. Be proud that you took the high road!
  15. thats just plain awful and rude!!