Rude comment at my office

  1. So today i had to drive 2 hours to the coporate headquarters of my grandparents company for a boardmeeting and before i had to be at the meeting i went into the meeting i ran to the starbucks across the street, while i was there an employee of the company said this...

    "You know LV wallets are made at the same quality and same price as Wal-mart"

    I tried to keep my class and simply stated that i "think" (eventhough i know) it was handmade... i know this girl and i really like her but i was offended that she made this statement to me
    should i have reacted any differently?
  2. It was good of you to not say something snippy. I would have said 'if I follow your logic then starbucks is the same as instant coffee'. (I have nothing against wal-mart purses or instant coffee)
  3. I won't care lol. Just ignore comment like that
  4. just ignore people like that...let them think what they want.
  5. I seriously doubt they're the same quality as wal-mart. I've had my LV wallet for at least five years and it's just barely beginning to show some signs of wear.
  6. Bah. Petty. Good on you for not biting.
  7. I think you did the right thing.
  8. Wow thats really ignorant. And I suppose $10 drugstore watches are the same as Rolexes, too? What an idiot.
  9. hahahh!!!:p this made me giggle!!!!

    your co-worker was probally just jealous that you have really nice stuff!!!!
  10. Oh please. She doesn't know what she's talking about. Even the guys at my husband's car group SWEAR that their LV wallets hold up really well!
  11. I think your respond was great. Don't let other people's comments bother you.
  12. That girl was just ignorant...

    Having said that, I have gone through at least 5 LV wallets in my lifetime (used them to shreds) ... I must be really rough on them?
  13. It's just surprising how ignorant some people can be... :rolleyes:

    Your response was good though. ;)
  14. That was quite dumb of her, especially since your grandparents own the company, but then again, she equated LV with WalMart, so....

  15. :roflmfao: Awesome!!!