Rude, Awful SA at Susan Burlingame


Nov 4, 2006
People who sell luxury goods should know better than to talk to us like that. Many, if not most, of some shop's purchases are over the phone. Not to mention repeat customers and referrals. I called a NM the other day to ask what colors they had in a work and the lady said what color are you looking for and I told her just tell me what you have. She then told me that she's way too busy with customers in front of her to look into that. I told her well you just lost a phone customer. It's the same thing people!

While there is no excuse for rudeness, I am sure if you were one of the customers standing in front of her, you would not appreciate her telling you that her phone customer was more important than you. Sales assistants are in a no-win situation in that case. The appropriate response for her would be to ask for your name and number and to call you back. That way, neither the phone customers OR the customers in the store would feel slighted.

I think it is a bit much to expect an SA to drop everything they are doing to accommodate you just because you phoned. People do get very busy, especially at this time of year.
Jan 29, 2006
Yep, they don't have a return/exchange policy... you're pretty much stuck with what you get. That's why CeeJay is having a terrible time with them even though it is their mistake.

wow, that's crazy! I just wouldn't purchase anything there unless they can send me pictures of the bag beforehand, but other than that giving the customer not the option to return a bag when they haven't even seen it is crazy! That sucks that Ceejay had to go through that. :cursing:


Dec 4, 2006
I dont know about other places, but where I'm from the general rule of thumb is "first in, first served" (be it phone customer or in person)

If the phone customer is getting techinical with questions that can't be delt with on the spot, then a call back would be appropriate and I'm sure that the customer wouldnt mind - as they would rather have all of the information in one hit.

I know myself, as a consumer - I would feel rather guilty if a person who rang in was put on hold for 15 minutes or disregarded whilst I (who was second in line) was served fist - but thats just me.

Also, if I am planning to shop, I allow plenty of time, therefore I have no problems with waiting a little while for some help if a SA is with someone else.

I think that being considerate and kind costs nothing, as well as being patient and understanding.

People have to meet half way... which sadly doesnt happen too often these days!