Rude, Awful SA at Susan Burlingame


Nov 4, 2006
My goodness. I called about a coin purse as I hear they have so many... The SA could not have been more rude. Acted like she could care less whether she made the sale. I told her that my friends on TPF rec'd the store. She threw the phone down to go check, came back and barked the colors at me. When I asked questions like is it SKy or Ink or Ice blue she got all impatient and tried to tell me I didn't know my seasons (!!)...then I asked about the quality of the leather and she was like, "I don't know what you're talking about. Our leather is consistently what it is supposed to be." I started trying ot explain smooshy vs veiny and distressed and then I just said screw it, even my beloved bbags are not worth all that attitude. Why do these SAs have such intense attitudes? Is it resentment, boredom, contempt? Yuck. Sad.
awwww I am so sorry...I am sure you can find coin purse you want in another store:love: . I absolutely hate rude SA...well rude people in general. They can do with more customer service classes by the sound of it. sorry to hear that.
i go to Susan's weekly just because i am so close by and i do a lot of shopping near there, but i have never had a rude SA like that. they are usually very nice and patient.
you should definitely check out other options for a coin purse. they do have a lot of accessories, but it isn't worth it to deal wit someone who was so rude to you.
I hate that. I got similar treatment once when I called Balenciaga in NYC. I was asking about the quality of the leather and the guy acted like he had no clue what I was talking about. Eventually, he warmed up but that would have been awful. I would complain to the manager too.
People who sell luxury goods should know better than to talk to us like that. Many, if not most, of some shop's purchases are over the phone. Not to mention repeat customers and referrals. I called a NM the other day to ask what colors they had in a work and the lady said what color are you looking for and I told her just tell me what you have. She then told me that she's way too busy with customers in front of her to look into that. I told her well you just lost a phone customer. It's the same thing people!
you definitely should! who knows how many other people she has traumatized. YOU'RE the customer - YOU need to be treated with satisfaction. the store might be losing money because of her behavior, so it might be in the interest of the manager to know.
How unpleasant...and so ridiculous. I mean, you're calling them to BUY a Balenciaga Coin Purse...Hello?????

It's not like your calling them 'cuz you've got nothing better to do and decided just to have a chat with someone, and the SA was unlucky enough to pick up the phone.
Oh ... I bet I know EXACTLY the person you are referring to ... the same one that left me a message indicating that (after I returned the INCORRECT bag they sent me and then provided with copious amounts of documentation as to what I ORDERED) ... the *replacement* bag is more money!

N - :cursing: -W!!! If anything with everything being put on sale right now ... they have SOME NERVE telling me that I have to pay more money!! :yucky: !! :hysteric:!!