Rucksack Opinions?

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  1. My aunt recently purchased the Rucksack backpack and I think it's so adorable, however my mom tells me that it's just an overpriced backpack that isn't worth it. I become infatuated with bags easily, so I wanted to hear other opinions. Does anyone own it? I do think it's quite pricy, considering it's just a nylon backpack.
  2. I have it, and really like it :smile: lots of room, easy to carry and stylish (I got navy blue) and while yes it is just a backpack... It feels... Hmm luxurious? It's so well made it makes me feel great digging though it! Anyways +1 for rucksack from me!
  3. That does seem like a crazy amount for a plain nylon backpack. We are all a bit crazy over our bags on here though aren't we!
  4. Oops
  5. Yeah well it's not much different than paying 10 grand for a leather bag. I mean, yes it's leather, but so is my lounge that did not cost nearly 10k, and I would kick anyone's ass who sat on my handbag.
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  6. Agreed! I think I'm just trying to justify this purchase to my mom, heh
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  7. Very true! :biggrin:
  8. I have the mini in black and love it. I use it loads and have had it since January . A great thing is that you don't need to baby it. I was really tempted to get the medium in flax too but have held back . Tbh it is difficult to justify the price of any luxury bag - nylon, canvas, fabric , leather if you compare what else you could buy with it- but if that is the bench mark you aren't going to be into luxury bags anyway!
  9. Please tell your DM I've had a Burberry rucksack for almost 20 years and still use it every week. And never mind what yours is made of, all materials have their very different uses and advantages
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  10. I got a burgundy in medium in May, and I use it more than any other bag I have at the moment. I've tossed it around at the beach, cottage, I even take it to the gym. You can also really dress it up with the gold detail. Totally recommend it.
  11. I have the large in black and I love mine! It's my go to bag when I take my kids out but don't want to use a boring mommy bag. Super cute and super useful!
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  12. I'm after one too!
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  13. This is convincing me to pick one up. It's sort of a pain being over here, though, because the exchange rate shifted about three months ago and NOT in our favor. Where things were once either comparable to the US or possibly even a bit cheaper, they're now more than they are in the States. So I'm going to have to wait.....ugh.
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  14. I just bought the large in rust with the snakeskin buckles. I had it shipped to the store. I'll pick it up tonight or tomorrow. Going to be in NYC in January and didn't want to bring any of my leather bags. (Accuweather says snow.) But I wanted something stylish. And then I got the snakeskin boots with rubber soles. Couldn't resist. LOL
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  15. Do post pics when you get it, PorscheGirl!!