RubyGirl's Collection

  1. I finally worked up enough energy to take my bags out of their dustbags and take pics :cool: I hope you enjoy them.

    Medium Reissue
    Small Caviar classic
    Perf tote
    Caviar bowling bag
    Logo bag
    MIA - White Cambon tote & Blue evening clutch
    Jeans Moyen Paddy
    Emerald First
    Burberry Clutch
    Coach Koyto Tote
    Louis Family:
    Musette Salsa
    Pochette Accessoires
    Cherry Blossom Pochette
    Cabas Mezzo
    Ceries Speedy
    Looping MM
    Suede flower flats
    MIA: White Le Fab Suhali & Marshmallow Houston
    146.jpg 130.jpg 158.jpg 156.jpg 168.jpg
  2. love the chloe...
  3. :love: i love your collection! esp. the chanel pieces!!! thanks so much for sharing!!! :amuse:
  4. Great bags! Love them all.
  5. great collection!
  6. Wonderful collection.
  7. wow love all the chanels!
  8. WOW! Love the Chanels - the pink one and the black caviar bowling bag (I have the large one). I also love the emerald first, paddington, LVs. Heck! I love them ALL! Thanks for the pictures!
  9. very beautiful collection!!!
  10. I:heart:YOUR COLLECTION!!!
  11. The pictures are beautiful!!!!!!!
  12. Thanks gals for all the nice compliments. Here are a few more.
    Vernis Lexington, Quilted Bally & Bubble Gum Pink MJ
    Gucci & Santi clutch. :smile:
    gucci.jpg bally.jpg
  13. Wow you have a fab collection! Your Paddy is gorgeous :love:
  14. wonderful collection, i love the reissue!
  15. love your mono LVs
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