Ruby red... should I?

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  1. HI LAdies,

    What do you think of the color Ruby red? Is it to-die-for IRL? Is it comparable to Rouge theatre or other great reds out there? Thanks!
  2. Yes its TDF!
  3. the leather is SO AMAZING, the color is AMAZING! balenciaga is almost completely sold out of all ruby colored styles, meaning that people are loving it ! i went out the whole way to find my RUBY GGH PT ! :tup:
  4. I have a Ruby City and am in total love with it! You should definitely get one asap!
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    Last edited: Jan 24, 2009
    I ordered a Ruby Day sight unseen from NM. When it arrived I was not blown away. At the time I had Rouge Vif and have since acquired RT. I didn't like how "pink" the Ruby looked. I may have got a less saturated one, but when you see RV you think "RED!!", when you see RT you think "RED!!", when I saw Ruby I thought "Red??". I sent it back and waited for my RV Day, definitely worth the wait.

    Seeing that it is still possible to purchase now, (unlike RT or RV) see if you can buy one from a store that will take a return, i.e. not BalNY and try it out. Maybe for you it is the perfect, perfect red!

    I wish you well,

  6. For me: I have RV and RT and was expecting ruby to be close to RV = it was not. It's really BETWEEN the two. I love the color, it really reminds me of the 03 red.
  7. The one's I've seen all have amazing leather. It's definitely not as *bright* as say tomato or rouge vermillion, but it's still bright red. If I didn't already have tomato I would have gotten somthing in ruby.
  8. I love Ruby!!! It has a pink tinge that I love. I have a Flat Clutch & the colour is more muted than my CP, which is a shade or 2 brighter. I like the brighter shade & if I were to get a bag, I would want it in the brighter shade.
  9. My avatar pic is pretty much close to the colour IRL. I was in two minds about Ruby before I got my twiggy as all the pics I saw had strong pink undertones. I decided to take the plunge and I was so pleasantly surprised when I saw it IRL. It is an intense red. My twiggy is really saturated though and the leather smooth. I may be one of the few who don't like RV as it has orangey tones. I like cool colours and the ruby is a cooler red while the RV is a warmer red IMO. I've never seen RT IRL.
  10. Hi Saff,

    I'm not couragious enough for the RV because of the orangey undertones. I like deeper reds like RT. I'm just so unsure to get this without seeing it IRL. I live in Asia and I haven't seen RR. Hm... I'm still confused.

    Ladies, Help! My SA is about to kill me because I still can't decide:sad::nuts:
  11. Mariz, it took me two weeks and giving myself a lot of headaches before I made up me mind over the ruby. Can you order and return if you don't like it? It may be worth seeing it IRL as there are variations in colours in the pics in this forum. To me, the ruby is a deep red. It has some berry to it I think. You know how they say a lipstick is bluish red, i think that applies to ruby.
  12. mariz, i think if you like RT'ish reds you would definitely like the RUBY. i too don't like the RV too much because of the orangey undertone. RUBY is definitely a COOL RED.

    here's my twiggy that i just sold. the color is pretty accurate. the "pink" undertones - you can REALLY only see it in strong daylight. otherwise, i would call it a cool darkish red. i took pictures of the bag with my professional camera. the detail shot below in my opinion is accurate.

    anyone can help resize that photo for mariz to see better? TIA!

    BUY IT, GOOD LUCK ! :biggrin:

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  13. Wow Frankiextah! This is the red I'm looking for! A deep red with no orange nor pink undertones. I sure hope what I'll get will be this TDF color! Thanks for sharing!
  14. what size / hardware are you getting, may i ask ?? :graucho: my RUBY PT GGH is due to arrive on 1/29, I CANNOT WAIT !!! :biggrin:
  15. The pink undertone in my ruby work is really only visible in certain lighting - mostly artificial lighting. In natural daylight is a true blue red. Some rubies were not as saturated as others and look more pink. My s/a hand picked mine from several bags.