Ruby Patent Gallery Tote Sold Out

  1. The ruby patent gallery tote is sold out so try to get your hands on it at Macys or Nordies.
  2. A friend of mine was in love with this bag, but decided on a Tattersall tote instead. Are they not available in any of the stores either?
  3. Completely sold out in all the stores my SA polled. Also sold out in Jacksonville.

    I got one at Macys. I would try there or Nordstrom.
  4. I tried looking one up for a customer last week I think it was, and yeah, completely gone unless you can find a store that still has them. Kinda stunk too it was one I was eyeing a bit.
  5. SORRY, I did get the Magenta wristlet and mini and LOVE LOVE this color.
  6. whew! i ordered my ruby patent gallery tote last thursday and just got it last night. it's gorgeous!!!
  7. I saw some at the Fair Oaks Mall in Fairfax, VA a few days ago...if anyone is looking for one in the area.
  8. Yep, all gone. The mahogany is still available. I wish they had made it in magenta!! I got one of the last magenta mini skinnys we had in our store and it is a gorgeous color!!
  9. I love mine got it in the sept. pce good luck, I hope you get one.
  10. wow thats weird... but maybe they will find more...