Ruby or Amethyst ???

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  1. im new to this forum. im thinking to get one city but i cant decide what color should i buy between ruby and amethyst. what color do u prefer? i cant get both actually so yr opinions would be helpful
  2. Oh gosh...hard choice! Do you prefer SGH, GGH, or RH? Personally, I like ruby with SGH, and I like amethyst with RH (the color looks so vibrant that I don't think I would be able to pull it off with statement HW too...)
  3. I think ruby is a more interesting color, and goes perfect with SGH!
  4. Personally, I would go with the Ruby :yes:!
  5. both colors are gorgeous! but i would pick Amethyst =)
  6. i prefer RH hardware. yes its tough question coz both colors r amazing. now there r both sides so hv to wait for other opinions. today i went to balen shop. i saw that the leather of these 2 colors r different. for ruby, its not shinny unlike amethyst.
  7. Ruby gets my vote!
  8. Ruby!
  9. That's my dilemma for my next BBag too!!! I think I have to have them both eventually... They are both such beautiful colors... I think I'm partial to Amethyst but I think Ruby might be harder to come by later because so many people love it...
  10. ack! In a 30 day time span I've gotten both:sweatdrop:
    If I had to pick one it would be Amethyst, probably because she was a BalNY souvenir!
  11. I just got an Amethyst City w/RH and the color is sooo vibrant and beautiful! Plus, the leather is super saturated, too. I honestly suggest that you get both! The colors are so different and beautiful in their own ways...I also have Ruby on my wishlist ;)
  12. Amethyste! My Amethyste RH City is so vibrant and I love the purple undertone.
  13. I'd go with the Ruby!
  14. I am in the same dilema as you but have decided to go with Amethyst.

    Although Ruby is a great red, I didn't like the rh of it on me and I'm not 100% sold on the GH on it either somehow. I prefer GH that compliments more colour wise and somehow, the GH on this colour has me not QUITE sold. It took a few days of thinking though and two or three visits to Balny in the past month to realize this.

    Amethyst makes me go wow. Especially the saturated ones. I see those particular saturated ones being sought after too down the road.

    And I imagine when broken in too it will look TDF with that purple undertone. I have the 05 magenta and STILL love Amethyst too which says something.
  15. Ruby ! :heart: