Ruby GGH or Sorbet SGH?

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  1. I know those two are totally different bags but I must only choose one between a Sorbet GSH Day or a Ruby GGH Work.

    I loved the Sorbet GSH combo the first time I saw it in the store. I had no doubts that it was the right pink for me.

    The Ruby GGH combo is also stunning but so far, I've only seen it through photos. And what I saw, I loved :love: . I have fears though that I may not love it irl. You know how Bal colors take on a different shade when photographed. Do the photos here depict the true color of ruby? Another concern is that the combo might look "too much" in a work; too bright/bordering over the top. I like statement pieces though :biggrin:

    Appreciate all your help lovelies!
  2. The Work is really like a briefcase, a more serious 'grown up' bag- as such, I'm not sure that Ruby GGH is the best combo for that style.

    The Day is a fun and casual bag - because of its unstructured shape, it needs a bright color so it doesn't look just sloppy. I think it suits Sorbet perfectly; it's such an 'out there' color, any Sorbet bag is a statement piece, and in the Day GSH doesn't look like you're trying too hard.

    I think there are photos of a Sorbet GSH Day somewhere on another thread.
  3. i owned a ruby ggh was gorgeous ,but i realized that ruby is better with rh IMO... i get bored soon!ruby ggh work would be too bling ,i would go for sorbet gsh,it is really nice;)
  4. Sorbet w/ GSH!! Ruby w/ GGH seem more luxurious but it is also very "BANG", it will def. pop with every outfit but I think Sorbet is more an everyday bag.

    I love my Vermillon City but I only wear it when I want to be funky w/ my outfit as the color is really "out there"
  5. I think the Sorbet with GSH would be beautiful....:heart:
  6. MissFluffyCat, thanks for the very sound advice! When I purchase a work, I'd probably go with a color that's neutral :smile:

    CHLOEGLAMOUR, I was hoping you'd reply as I know you've been an owner of the Ruby GGH City. It was a really gorgeous bag. But in a work, as you've said, it might be too bling :smile:

    happychica87, is your vermillon from 07 or 08? I'm also considering an 08 Vermillon City GGH. How do you think this combo would look? :confused1:

    tillie46, it is pretty! :heart:
  7. Sorbet Day SGH! Sorbet is to die for, will be spectacular with SGH and I think GH looks best on the Day.

    Even though you didn't ask - I have a vermillion work and adore it w/reg hw.
  8. suchagirl, thanks! :smile: is your vermillon from 07? i'm thinking of getting the rouge vermillon from 08 but with ggh. how'd you think it would look?
  9. Mine is 08. It's hard for me to say because I really lean toward rh. Have you checked out the clubhouse? Maybe you can find some photos w/the ggh. Have fun with your decision! Can't wait to see your Sorbet!
  10. Sorbet GSH Day. I think the pretty pink with the icy silvery hardware in a Day bag would be much more usable than Ruby with GGH in a work. I would say if the Ruby was a Day bag, it would be a really hard choice. I agree, Giant hardware looks and wears great in a day.
  11. Sorbet GSH Day!
  12. thanks umimaddicted, wild child and everyone else. i think sorbet gsh wins! :smile:
  13. Yes definitely, go for the Sorbet GSH Day!
  14. Sorbet GSH 4 sure! I adore most color combo with GSH & Sorbet GSH would look fabulous !!;)
  15. I would choose Ruby BUT I prefer RH for this color. So I would actually say Sorbet - it will look stunning with GSH.