Ruby/ Fake Ruby Jewlery - need for this Saturday

  1. I am freaking out!!! :nuts:

    I need jewlery to match my dress with red shoes and red clutch...

    I can't seem to find anything and i need accessories for this saturday...going to a wedding!

    Any help would be great!!

  2. You can't find anything at Nordstrom? Forever 21 has great fun costume jewelry, and the price is definitely right!
  3. I've tried everything...most of it is in silver/ silver plated/ etc. and doesn't match with my ensemble...

  4. Gosh...wish it weren't so close or I'd offer to do something custom. Hmmm...

    Did you try Macy's? Mervyns? Target? Not my favorite choices, but in a pinch they're better than nothing.

    What kind of red is it? Ruby red is more pink to it a true red, an orange red, a blue red?

    How about just a simple strand of pearls?
  5. You think pearls would match? I was thinking of that, and I have that...

    it's a true, deep, blood red, or at least that's the type of red i would like to wear.

    Oh and thanks Casto....very sweet of you to offer to make something for me... :yes:
  6. Well, I would if there was more time. lol Although I'm sure I could whip something up quickly and overnite it but I hesitate doing that kind of thing.

    I'd go with pearls. They are classic and I think would look fantastic with red and gold! :smile: