Ruby and me!

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  1. Finally i got around to photos...

    Ruby patent leather gallery tote with a pink tone oblong scarf..

    I included my love for my ruby purse with matching red nail polish =P

    Also i would like to add that this purse rivals my top color ruby accents in my promise ring hehe..
    ruby1.jpg ruby2.jpg ruby3.jpg ruby4.jpg
  2. If you look closely at the scarf i managed to get the word coach to show up on the bows!!
  3. Oooohhh! Love!
    Love your bunny too, ours died in October. There is a really cute bunny thread in the animalicious forum!
  4. Beautiful! Love the nails, and the rubies match so well that I thought it was just a diamond ring until I read your whole post! :p
  5. Beautiful!! I love the scarf with the Ruby Tote!!
  6. nice!!!! :nuts::drool:
  7. omg that's the cutest thing ever!
  8. how funny you should post this today. I am carrying my ruby tote to work today and have not had her out in awhile. she really needed to get out a bit! I am jealous though, that scarf looks so cute with the ruby and now I wish I had it too!

    this is the prettiest shade of red isn't it?:heart:
  9. Dang girl....your ring in gorgeous and your purse is :yahoo:Wear them together and it's a match made in COACH heaven!
  10. Wish i could tell you its in stores but i found it at an outlet in dec. So i am guessing its out of season. Looks like an ergo print so i think it came out in summer/fall 07
  11. Truthfully i was against all leather bags, i saw this in black before and i was like eww.. but when i saw it in red i fell in love! It catches the light really nice.. bad thing is my bunny like chewing on leather.. (not sure why.. she likes certain dog treats as well) so i have to keep it on high ground!
  12. I love that color and how you set up the tote and the ring for the pics!!!:yes:
  13. Stunning bag, thanks for sharing.. :smile:
  14. I love this bag and the pics where great. Now I want one. Where did you get yours and if you don't mind me asking what did you pay for her?