Ruby and Diamond J12!

  1. I was flipping through the Dec. 2007 issue of Allure and on page 120 I almost died because this maybe the most opulent and gorgeous Chanel watch I have ever seen.

    It is over 30 carats of Rubies and Diamonds. The entire bracelet is all diamonds and rubies. :graucho:

    The J12 retails for $497,500! LOL now if I had that kinda money to spend on a watch, it would be a very happy holiday indeed for me.:roflmfao:

    Has anyone else seen this watch? What do you think of it?

    I will have to scan a pic of it tomorrow and post it.
  2. Seen it..can't afford it!!hahha..
  3. Seen it!!! TDF!!!!!
    My dad has a diamond and ruby J12, but it's not rubies all over lol. I posted a pic lately.
  4. is this the one you were talking about...? i still dont understand whats so good about the tourbillon movements
    22022.jpg 22023.jpg 22024.jpg
  5. OMG. I think I just orgasmed.
    That is beautiful!
  6. i think it's cool but the rubies are too much they become a little tacky IMO. i like them in the bezel only, so they look classy instead of 'over the top'. plus, i wouldn't have that amount of money LOL and if i did, i would buy a LE watchmaker's watch instead like a hublot, richard mille or something.
  7. I'm sure people will throw things at me for this, but I actaully think it's rather tacky. I just think the rubies are too much. I think it's nice on the bezel and it's different but all over? Ick.
  8. I saw it in the Chanel Fine Jewelry catalog I got. It's soo limited.
  9. I think it's too over the top and not the elegant Chanel I know and olove and the price is just out of this world!
  10. seriously seeing this pics, i'm not fancy abt the watch as the ruby is way too much.....still prefer the classic J12 in white or black
  11. I checked with DH re:tourbillion movements. There is something quite special about this movement. I think it has something to do with the escapement and the effects of gravity on an automatic movement. They are very expensive movements. I think, until recently, they were pretty much unobtainable for most watch collectors. We have been seeing more at lower price points, still very expensive.
    Personally, I think the ruby watch is too much. I can't believe Chanel would put something so gauche in a collection, albeit limited. The J12 is a beautiful watch, but added the extra stuff just takes away from the beautiful workings of the watch itself.