Rubis? Your Thoughts....

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  1. Hi. At one point on my wishlist I had the rubis alma.... Do you all like rubis as much as the past LV reds? At first, I had thought sophisticated and gorgeous and I wanted alma. I havent's seen IRL, now I look and think it has kind of a brown tinge and not sure I am as excited about it....

    What do you think when you've seen in real life, I haven't seen too many reveals on it either....:shrugs:
  2. I haven't seen it IRL either but from the pictures I really like it. I keep waiting to see if LV will make it in the Speedy but so far not yet. It looks like a great color for Fall.
  3. I recently looked at the Rubis Passy PM, Zippy coin purse and a few other accessories and fell in love with the colour! I love the deep red, didn't thought of it as brown-ish at all.. :tup:
  4. I have seen the Alma in the Rubis in IRL...and let me tell you Veronika...I was drooling...that Rubis Alma is a must have to me!!!! I see don't brown at all in the color. It's hot!!! It's on my list...I would get it when I get my Vernis Alma in Pomme, but I feel like I am getting no variety if I walk out of the LV store with two red bags.
  5. Cool! I've always thought a red epi alma was smoking hot!!! I'm glad to hear you all love the color.....changing my wishlist
  6. I am so glad to see that I am not the only one who's list changes constantly!!!:biggrin:
  7. Yes, MsFrida, I think with this bag the accessories to match would be droolworthy. Also, I think Ivorie accessories would be gorgeous with this bag...
  8. My SA told me if the Rubis sells well with the other Epi purses, most likely they will make an Rubis Epi Speedy.
  9. i love the new red. it's more classy and elegant compared to the previous red... i believe the previous red was a bit brighter? and it had more of a summer look than a year round look. i would most definitely get the alma in rubis.
  10. Oh yes, Rubis and ivoire would be utterly gorgeous together! :girlsigh: :drool:
  11. Personally I prefer the past, brighter shade of red. Rubis is beautiful too, I find it more subtle.
  12. I love the new red! The Alma is stunning!
  13. I just love RED, so I am liking the new Rubis. I have the Soufflot in the past red, but I'd love to get a RUBIS speedy!

    My wishlist is always in constant rotation......every day it seems like something new is my most desired obsession!
  14. ^^ me too kitsunegrl, me too.... I shouldn't even post it.... I love vernis (Melrose), but today, I'm after the subtle epi look, I'm using my Mandarin noe, and she has me wanting more the rubis alma with ivorie eugenie and cles.....and ivorie small ring agenda.....we can dream, right?
  15. That would be fantastic! If not, I'll go with the Alma, so chic;)