Rubis Tuesday, er Thursday

  1. Per 866 Vuitton, all of the Cruise collection is scheduled for Nov 1, including the Rubis. Damn, I am going to be SO broke....
  2. Cant wait to see the Marina PM & Speedy:smile: !!! Im so excited!
  3. I can't wait to see pictures of it. Which one you intend to get restricter? Just curious, hee...
  4. OOOh cant wait to see!!!!!!!!
  5. November is a busy month more and pics coming every day and each one of them HOT!

  6. One? Oh god, if only there were just one but Noooooo. I had to be greedy and waitlist for the Marina PM and Rubis bucket AND the Thunder. Let's figure out the retail there, shall we? Marina, about $1500, Rubis is $2150 and the Thunder is $3300 - so that means, I am so frigging broke for like the rest of the year!!!! Do not tell me the amount plus NYC tax, okay?!

    I'm hoping that the shoulder straps on the Thunder are too small or the interior lacks a cell phone pocket or the whole thing weighs as much as a refrigerator. Something. Anything. I'd like to have a little money left in the bank....

  7. Oh crap! I also WL'd a ronde. I'm going straight to Handbag Hell.
  8. The rubis is HOT!! I cant wait to see your pictures when you get it!
  9. I think I may have to get the rubis!!!
  10. I am liking the Marina but the price will probably be higher in Canada and I don't have any way to justify it! I'm hoping I won't like it IRL or it will get dirty easily or something!
  11. Restricter,
    I am dying to see your Rubis !!!!!
    Post when you get it !!!!

    p.s. i think i'm the only one here besides you that this bag has "grown" on !!