RUBIS pieces on the French and UK websites!

  1. I just checked the French LV Website and they updated it with new goodies. I love the Rubis Noe Bucket but the price is waaay to high (for me anyway!)
  2. Yes, I saw the look book today. I had no idea they were making a smaller Rubis bucket size, I like this one they are coming in 3 sizes....
  3. OOOhhhhhhhh.............a rubis bucket? Really? DROOL!
  4. Yes..I really like's stunning!!! But the price is too high for me!!!:s
  5. How much is it? :confused1:
  6. It's a lovely line- VERY limited availability though. Apparently Hawaii only got in 3 bags or so from this line total for all of it's 6 stores, meaning Ala Moana and Waikiki were the only recipients :wtf: