1. Anyone know what is top quality?

    I was told that the deeper the red with a translucent clear sparkle to it. Flaws are okay as long as they do not take away from the color and sparkle. Is this true?

    I see alot of pale pinks and i know those are low but what about the oblique (non translucent) deep red stones?
  2. Rubies are on my wish list! I always rely on
    for reliable information on stones.
  3. Hey, I'm also looking for a ruby ring for an upcoming anniversary. We're thinking burmese ruby with diamond halo.
  4. Burmese rubies are the best, the color is rich dark red, almost like red wine color. As for the light pink, it is low quality ruby
  5. I've seen a Burmese ruby and a lighter colored ruby side by side in a jewelry store and I think the Burmese was beautiful beyond belief! The price of the Burmese was substantially higher even though the stone was smaller. But still, I'd choose that one if I could!
  6. Hi, you can also visit and visit the forums there to research the topic. On top of colour and location, the type of treatment should be considered if you are looking for a top quality ruby i.e untreated, heat treatment only or fracture-filled with glass or flux. A lot of rubies you see in the market that are large may be fracture filled rubies..