Ruben Toledo Nordstrom Spring 2008 Ads

  1. Just encountered them this morning and noticed what seems to be a CL in this one. It looks absolutely divine. Anyone knows anything about it or has better pictures of it?

    reminds me of the roger vivier rose n roll shoe.
  2. If I'm not seeing things lol I'm pretty sure it's the satin w/ feather detail shoe that's part of the spring release. Actually it's probably the style I'm most looking forward to for spring/summer. I'll try to see if I can find a larger photo of that style.
  3. would be lovely if you found a picture foxy. If spring is looking anything like this then I am really anticipating it more now. I have been quite dissapointed lately.

    I definately want this shoe!
  4. Oh please oh please don't tease me ... is there a larger pic?
  5. I believe this is the shoe you were talking about. It is the Rosazissmo. It is $760 and running "TTS". I took this as true to CL size, but I only asked for myself, so just clarify if purchasing. LOL

    What does everybody think? I have it on hold in the lavender. Is it a hit or a miss?
  6. I love it in both colors in your picture. Where did you find it at?
  7. I think it is devine!! A hit in my book!!Ashakes I swear you are the CL wonder woman.
  8. It looks best in lavender! :flowers:
  9. If I'm not mistaken, I think this is the same shoe I saw at NM in green. I think the shoe itself is beautiful.
  10. CL Beverly Hills. (310) 247-9300 is the contact number.

    haha not really.

    I like both colors actually, but I really love anything purple, lavender, lilac, etc.

    I'm probably not going to end up getting them b/c I think I'm going to buy a new Chanel bag, but they are still pretty to look at. LOL
  11. Thanks to that photo posted by Asha, I'm now curious to know what that electric blue bag hanging on the right corner of the photo is. Is it a CL bag (at the boutiques)?
  12. lol thats what my husband said when he saw the photo! He really wanted me to post this because he was so proud that he identified the boutique location. (as he is standing behind me watching me type this)
  13. ashakes the color is so pretty and fem!
  14. A miss for me. It's not I don't like the shoes, but the style is something I can't wear. I'm sure some people here can rock those.