Rubbing Of Monogram On Speedy 35

  1. Hi!
    I just got my 1st LV, a speedy 35, 2 months ago in August. I have been using it just on weekends, as i go to school and cannot take it with me. I have been sooo careful with it, but tonight when i was looking at it i noticed on one of the top corners (above and to the side of where the lock is) a part of the monogram is rubbing off. This is also happening to two bottom corners. Is this meant to happen with the regular monogram, as i know it can happen on the MC? Or could I have gotten a defected one? If it is not meant to happen what can I do, as i am in a state in Aust. without a LV store?
  2. can someone plz help??:smile::smile:
  3. Any way you can post a pic? This does happen but I am surprised it would after 2 months of little use.
  4. Pics would really help.:yes: I can't see monogram rubbing off as it's under the coating. Do you mean the coating?
  5. i will post a pic in the morning, as i already tried and the lighting isnt good now. it is the actual monogram thats rubbing off, not just the coating. on one flower of the monogram a whole chunk of it is just dark brown. should i call the store in the morning or can nothing be done?
    thanks for helping!
  6. It's hard to say. I am dying to see what the damage is. If you have a store near by, go there and show them.
  7. It sounds like fading but it's odd that the entire flower was rubbed off and now it's just the plain canvas? Did you get your bag brand new or eBay and what's the nearest state to you with an LV? You should definitely give them a call and see what they say.

    Good luck & keep us posted on this :flowers:
  8. Its not the entire flower rubbed off, but a few chunks of it, and little bits of 2 on the bottom. The bag was brand new from the store in Collins St, Melb just 2 months ago, ill give them a call in the morning i think. Thanks
  9. Pics would definitely help
  10. I didn't look right before, its actually a LV on the top corner rubbing off and 2 flowers on the bottom with rubbed off brown bits.
  11. Oh that shouldn't happen to a relatively new Speedy which you've been using with great care. Definitely take it in to the store and have them look at it. I've used monogram for 10 years now and never had this happen to me before, and I don't use my bags with great care too!
  12. Hmm...that sounds weird. I'd have to see a photo of it...
  13. Hmm, that sounds wierd, but I have experienced rub off on my damier broadway messenger bag on the corners, some spots have turned straight black from getting a little scraped I could barely notice it though....never had that problem with a mono canvas though...
  14. I jsut looked at my Speedy 35 and on all 4 corners is a leaf/petal and it has indication that there was rubbing off. I don't see it at all when just looking at it. It doesn't bother me. I use it everyday (I got it in March). It will happen anyway sooner or later with use so I'm okay with it.
  15. Heres a pic, it was the only good one i could get. This is at the top of the bag near the lock, it is also happening on the bottom to a few of the flower/leave things. Am i just overreacting? (everyone thinks i am)