Rub MS. Evelyne BARENIA thru your SCREEN

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  1. Okay, Here is my NEW Evelyne BARENIA that I just got from The BEST SeLLer!! I think I made a NEW cyber friend and she is a tPF member here.(I'll post her name if the Mods ask me who she is, I think she still has a BJ BIRKIN at a Great PRICE for sale).

    Anyways, I just got back from helping with 3rd Grade ART class, so I look very casual,(Hardtail skirt, and Nordy's tank), plus it's 90 degrees here still :nuts: , and on my doorstep....

    Is my BROWN EVELYNE """Barenia"""....Let me tell you, to leather is so soft, smells so good, and the scratches DO RUB OFF!!!

    Please share in my happiness, b/c I was a little down last night b/c hubby is gone for 5 more days, and I was just sad :crybaby:


  2. *rubbing, rubbing* Nnnniiiiccccceeeee!!!!
  3. Oh yeah! Work that camera, baby... Yeah, just like that.
  4. very nice NHL!! congrats on ur purrrty baby! i'm REALLY starting to like the evelyn. BTW: know how u feel about DH being away....mine works out of town mon-thur EVERY WEEK!! it has worked out for the best bc those are my SHOPPING DAYS!!!! muhahaha
  5. Gorgeous! Congrats!!! It looks fab on you
  6. gorgeous!! And in barenia!!! YUMYUMYUM!!! She looks amazing!
  7. Oh yeah baby...oh yeah!!!
  8. Just GORGEOUS!! Don't you just love Barenia? That smell, that feel, that warm brown tone....complete love! Congratulations on your beautiful Evelyne!
  9. Barenia is awesome and so is your bag!! Enjoy!!!
  10. Nothing like Barenia! Congrats!
  11. You and Barenia Evelyne look great together!! Love your scarf too!
  12. Congratulations !!! What a beauty !! :heart::heart::heart:
  13. Congrats!!!! Gorgeous Evelyne:yahoo:
  14. Oh Lordy but do you look GOOOODDDD!!!!! And so does that TDF Evelyn! I think you got a good one, there....Barenia is just so lovely! CONGRATULATIONS and wear her well and often!!!!!!

    (Scarf is pretty dandy too!!!!)
  15. The bag is gorgeous, and you are even more gorgeous! I love the scarf too.
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