RU Ready to behold Petrol Spy loveliness??

  1. After 5 painful days of waiting (which nearly became 6 excruuuuuuuuutiating days... I'm certain I wouldn't have survived), my gorgeous Petrol Spy yumminess arrived.

    And not a moment too soon! It was a suspense-packed day, ending with my desperate phone calls to fedex, the dispatch terminal, and the truck driver... begging and begging (I have no shame) that they deliver today and not make me wait another day.

    Worth every one of the Man's pennies. :graucho:
    CIMG0020 (2).JPG CIMG0021 (2).JPG CIMG0022 (2).JPG CIMG0028 (2).JPG CIMG0030 (2).JPG
  2. Omigod!...what a beauty!:drool: You're killing me Decophile!!....I WANT THAT COLOR NOW!! Even though the lighting isn't that great I can still the beautiful color.:girlsigh: Congrats you bag torturer!
  3. Wow!!! Beautiful
  4. congrats what a pretty color! :smile:
  5. Congrats, the colour is gorgeous ! :yes:
  6. Beautiful! The Spy truly is a work of art, and it looks fabulous in that color. Congrats!
  7. Beautiful Bag you have a lovely collection.
  8. very nice indeed. cograts
  9. She's absolutely lovely! I can imagine myself just staring and petting her all day. Beautiful bag.
  10. Absolutely Gorgeous.
  11. I love it!! Congrats for your first spy purchase!!
    I have this color and I adore mine!
  12. Thank you everyone for your kind words and appreciation.:flowers:

    I do agree with pursemama, however, that the lighting is crap. It was late at night and I was "training" on my new camera and didn't do a good job with the settings. I'll post more pics once I get the hang of this camera and have better lighting.
  13. It looks fantastic - congrats!!
  14. Thank you Sweetea. I've drooled plenty over your spys.

    But this is actually my third spy! :graucho: I first bought a metallic spy, then a used petrol, and now a new petrol! The new one is deeper in color, old one's slightly faded, but I love them both.

    Not too many people will agree with this, but I love the metallic spy most. I can't for the life of me put it down, even though I have an insane collection of other yummy bags. But everyday it's back to the metallic. There's nothing like it in the world!!!! I know this thread is about the petrol, but I had to give the metallic a plug.
  15. OMG!!!:nuts: I LOVE LOVE LOVE Petrol SPY (but you already knew that!:lol:)!!! It's SIMPLY STUNNING!!! CONGRATS and ENJOY it!!!:love: