RTW Showing in Chicago?

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  1. Does anyone know anything about RTW showing in Chicago at the end of the month? I'm in Michigan, and my SA invited me to fly me over to Chicago for RTW showing. I've never heard of anything like this and wondered what's involved?? I appreciate if anyone ever been to the RTW showing of sort to let me know what it is about?? Is it worth going??
  2. What is RTW?
  3. Ready to Wear
  4. Its the 26th I believe. Just wine, and hor dourves. They will close the boutique to outsiders around 6ish. I am invited, but not sure if I am going. They are also having a private showing for bags on the 27th...and I am probably going to that.
  5. I was invited but am not going! I was told there would be lunch with someone from LV. I'm from MI as well and I cannot think of the woman's name or title at the moment. But I have been introduced to her at events.

    Basically, they're hoping you'll spend some $$ on RTW items.

    I really wish I could go but I really don't feel comfortable getting on a plane and leaving my dd yet even if it is only 1 day.
  6. Well it depends. Are you interested in ready to wear? If yes, I'd go. After all, LV pays for your flight, right?
  7. Depends...Are you interested in RTW? There are limited pieces that are of interest to me, but I still go to the events that I'm invited to to support my SAs. For the bag and jewelry shows, my SAs know that they'll have a sale with me for sure! :P