RTW Reveal!


Break from tPF
Feb 18, 2009
Los Angeles, CA
Oh that sucks lightdays!

I actually have that one too, except it's in black. LOL, it still has tags on it, but I like it.

How come it didn't fit you right?
The sleeves are too long and it's kind of tight around the waist. It would've shrunk eventually and it won't fit me anymore since it was already pretty tight in the first place. Besides, I get to save money now. :happydance:


Feb 15, 2008
I totally agree with the fit. It's actually pretty tight. I originally ordered a size xs and small, and than when I tried it on, the xs was really tight, and the small was still tight. I returned them both and got a large! I think it fits great now because it's loose, and yeah, when washed, it'll probably shrink anyways, but at least I can wear shirts underneath and it not being too tight.

Hhhmm...maybe I should return mine to save some money...but I like it too much! :lol: