RTW or not RTW....that is the question

  1. So, if you were going to an Hermes RTW sale and you've never been to an Hermes RTW sale before and, in fact, you've never even had ON anything Hermes RTW ever in your life.........what would you consider buying?

    Here's the thing. I'm thinking that it might just be a madhouse (BUT maybe not...I don't really know) and before I find myself in the middle of the Kaos I'd like to have some kind of game plan. So I was thinking.....maybe I bypass the shoes (don't know how they fit), bypass the coats (don't need one), bypass the dresses (my Levi's would have a fit if I brought a dress home) and focus on the sweaters.

    And all this AFTER I pick up my "Macaron" Barenia Belt (thank you ISUS for those dreamy pics of yours) that was shipped in from Hawaii because, like most things, there wasn't ONE left in the whole country (the story of my life.).

    What would you do if you were an Hermes RTW Virgin??????
  2. Um, I'd tell J just in case there was a men's section so he could be there firstly.

    I don't know. I normally don't do madhouse sales or any big sales because I enjoy the clothes shopping experience. I don't want to fight with other people and I want to take time to look in the mirror and everything.
  3. I went to one once it was a total mad house I had no clue what to do.I just stood there in the front room of the boutique while everyone stampede to the back .When I realized everything on sale was in the back ,by the time I made it back there,almost all the clothes were gone.People were going crazy grabbing arms full of clothes and going to different corners of the store and actually trying things on It was crazy,Not my type of thing,and forget about the shoes,There was like 8 boxes and they were snapped up like candy.
  4. Hermes has gorgeous ready to wear. Simply gorgeous. All very very luxe
  5. I was so surprised when I saw there were as many men as women grabbing everything It was like something out of a bugsbunny cartoon!!
  6. :wtf: :yucky: :s

    ok....sounds like something I usually go out of my way to avoid......

    well.....I've walked the Earth for almost 50 years without a pair of Hermes shoes or cashmere twin-set (not that I ever WORE a cashmere twin set :shrugs: ) so I guess I don't have to start now.......:shame:
  7. ^^ Shopmom i think its worth the try.. i say go to the boutique.. to the cashmere section and see for yourself.. if u were able to get something, then its worth it.. if not.. then at least ull know how its like...and next time they do sale, ull have better tactic to score what u want!
  8. Oooooooooh, my dear! Then you must one day experience the joy that is a cashmere twinset + Hermes scarf + kelly bag. :love: It's a pity hardly anyone dresses like Grace Kelly anymore.
  9. Go for it Shopmom.

    I went to the New York store 11 years ago (when it was still on 57th St), an Hermes RTW virgin, and wondered why the ground floor was so deathly quiet (shades of Toonie there) until I realised the action was upstairs.

    I ended up buying a cashmere cardigan, a cashmere sweater and some wool jodphurs. I still wear the cashmere and would wear the jodphurs except they're a size too big for me now (one side benefit of moving away from the US).
  10. Oh, I'm going.....I'm going for SURE! Wouldn't miss it for the world....I'll suffer through it in the hopes of snagging a little something for myself.....it's just that I hate that kind of shopping, KWIM?

    It would be really nice to get myself something cashmere.....I wear them so much.....and to have an Hermes cashmere??? (sigh)
  11. Mad house at a HERMES sale???!

    Well, not entirely surprised given it was mad house enough at 24 Faubourg last month as all the europeans were shopping for Christmas presents (according to the sA there). Not fun being there in the crowd.
  12. I would definately go and see what it's like...I've never been either, but I want to go this year, sales start on th 13th here in Rome..... I hate sales shopping aswell, much too much chaos....There are queues outside Gucci and Prada here during sales, I always walk by horrified...:wtf: LOL!
  13. Shopmom, have fun! I can't get into their RTW. Their pants' waistband comes up to my neck.
  14. shopmom...where and when is the RTW Sale? Love cashmere twin sets!:wlae:
  15. shoes, shopmom. shoes!!! ;)

    The Singapore RTW sale officially starts tomorrow to the public.